Hitch Calls Out Ghost On Stream, Gets A Response

Hitch, a partnered Twitch streamer, encountered a rather peculiar situation when talking to viewers in a creepy hotel. After detailing his night camping out in a graveyard, Hitch confidently stated that he doesn’t believe in ghosts. Just as he was claiming that everything has an explanation – the light behind him turned on.

Considering the subject matter that Hitch was discussing, the light’s timing was incredibly spooky. The streamer looked shocked before slowly turning his head back to the camera and bursting out into laughter. Pragmatism aside, Hitch clearly angered a ghost who was eager to prove its existence to the world.

In reality, it seems that Hitch had simply moved back and swung his arm out enough to activate the entry light’s motion sensor. Nevertheless, the timing of everything couldn’t have been any better.

Hitch is no stranger to odd situations – many of them wholesome encounters rather than supernatural.

His stream’s content largely consists of backpacking and hitchhiking through various countries – resulting in many nights in the wilderness. In fact, the nomad claimed to have camped out around 1,000 nights in his lifetime.

While we’re on the subject of ghosts and skepticism, I can’t help but think back to Shane Madej’s comical level of unbelief in spirits, as featured on the series “Buzzfeed Unsolved.” In perhaps one of the funniest sequences ever recorded on the show, Shane challenges a demon of folklore known as “Goatman” – a murderous bridge-guarding creature of the night. His co-host Ryan Bergara shows much more fear than Shane, yet the latter has no problem directly doubting and insulting evil spirits.

(Warning: Language)

If there was a goatman hiding under the bridge, then Shane certainly angered it. For those interested, a YouTube user uploaded a full montage of Shane fearlessly taunting ghosts; Needless to say, it’s pretty amusing.

As far as Twitch streamer Hitch, he may need to watch his back for the time being. Who knows just how resentful the spirit that turned on his light was… Or he could simply take Shane’s strategy and dive head-first into the world of verbally assaulting ghosts. If the evil spirits end up retaliating, at least he can go out with guns-a-blazin’.

Sources: Twitch, YouTube

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