Hitman 3: Where To Find The Sabotage Tools And Where To Use Them In Dubai

Sabotage tools in Hitman 3 consist of the crowbar, wrench, screwdriver, and rat poison, and have a variety of uses, depending on the map and given situation. While they can obviously be used as weapons or distractions, they often have a useful sabotage effect on each map.

This guide will show you where to find the sabotage tools and some of the best places to use them, utilizing the default tool loadout and starting point.

What Are Sabotage Tools?

Crowbars are used to break open locked doors and storage cabinets, but they are also the only tool that unlocks the shortcuts introduced in the new maps. Wrenches are used to open valves on various pipes and fuel cylinders. Screwdrivers are not only handy as a lethal throwing object, but they are also used to sabotage electrical outlets, useful in getting electrical accident kills. Rat poison is a useful item to poison food or drinks to separate bodyguards from the target, or to isolate the target themselves.

Where To Find The Rat Poison

#1 Starting from the atrium lobby, follow the stairs and up to the left to find the Black Gold Bar on Level 1. It’s a bar with a giant gold-lettered sign above it – you can’t miss it. Wait for the bartender to turn around to search for something behind the bar on the right, and sneak into the staff door on the left, but be mindful so the staff member rummaging in the back room doesn’t see you. Knock him out then turn to find the rat poison on the bottom shelf of the rack sharing a wall with the bar.

#2 Starting from where you found Screwdriver #1, use your camera to open the shutter to the window leading outside. This will cause the two people taking a smoke break to leave the room. Climb out and onto the ledge, moving toward the pipe to your right. Climb up the pipe, and onto the gondola, to use your camera to open another window shutter. Once inside, wait for the guard at the end of the hall to move to the left, then lockpick the Penthouse Staff door to your right. Follow the stairs up and proceed through the door at the end of the stairwell. Enter the door to your left, using instinct to observe the patrol pattern of the penthouse staff inside. The rat poison will be on the bottom shelf of the rack sharing a wall with the dining room.

Where To Use It

One of the best places to use the rat poison is on Carl Ingram’s food on Level 4 of the tower. In order to set this one up, start the ice maker in the storage room where you find Rat Poison #2 and Screwdriver #3. This will cause the chef to enter the room to investigate. Once he turns the machine off, knock him out and take his disguise. Make sure to hide the bodies in here, since guards can pass through here. Go out into the dining room and prepare Ingram’s food, adding the poison when you’re done. Shortly after eating the food, Ingram will make his way to the restroom. Follow him in for an easy kill!

Where To Find The Wrench

#1 Starting from where you find the rat poison in the staff room, proceed through the white double doors into the stairwell. Take a left and go down the stairs and take cover when you get to the bottom, as there are two guards having a conversation next to some pallets. Wait for one of them to leave, then sneak across to grab the wrench lying on top of the nearby pallet.

Where To Use It

There are numerous gas canisters on the map that you can sabotage, but one of the more useful ones is on the helipad. Keeping the pilot alive, sneak by and loosen the valve on the gas canister. Trigger the evacuation, and wait for your targets to get close to the canister. Simply shoot the ground near the flowing gas with a silenced weapon, and it will trigger an explosion that takes out both targets simultaneously.

Where To Find The Screwdriver

#1 This one is really easy to find, because it is located in the maintenance room just beyond where you can pick up Wrench #1. Be careful not to alert the two people smoking in this room…next to a “No Smoking” sign no less.

#2 From the atrium lobby, follow the stairs up and to the right until you find a small garden with an interactive terminal. Walk just past the terminal until you see a bench with the screwdriver lying on it.

#3 This screwdriver is found in the same room as Rat Poison #2 next to some red peppers.

#4/#5 Two screwdrivers can be found behind the art gallery in a restricted area. Make sure to put on an appropriate disguise to freely move around here. Enter from the Authorized personnel door next to the Sun display in the art gallery, being careful not to get spotted by the patrolling art crew on your right as you enter. Proceed around the corner to your left and down the hallway until you come across screwdriver #4 on the stairs beneath the two-way mirror. Exit from the nearby door, take a right and down the ramp to find screwdriver#5  on top of a stack of folded dividers.

#6 This one is on the control room desk right next to Crowbar #2.

Where To Use It

Near where you find Screwdriver #5, you will find a water cooler you can puncture and an electrical outlet you can tamper with to create an electrical accident kill. While not necessary for the main story mission on this map, it comes in handy in escalations and featured contracts.

There is another watercooler and electrical outlet in the control room overlooking the art gallery. This sabotage is useful for taking out Lucy Phillips.

Where To Find The Crowbar

#1 From where you find Screwdriver #4, exit through the door and move down the hall to your left. Watch out for the patrolling security guard (he’s an enforcer even if you’re disguised as art crew) and find the crowbar on the ground next to the blue toolbox.

#2 From where you find Crowbar #1, continue down the hall until you find stairs going up on your left. At the top of the stairs you will find the control room for the art gallery. The crowbar is in a blue toolbox next to the control room desk.

#3 From where you find Screwdriver #5, turn around and proceed through the glass double-doors on your left that lead outside. Being careful not to get caught on camera, the crowbar is on the ground next to a blue toolbox.

#4 From where you find Screwdriver #3 and Rat Poison #2, take the penthouse staff disguise and exit through the door to the hallway. Pass through the lounge and into the study, and take the hidden door next to Carl Ingram’s desk that leads to the ventilation area. The crowbar can be found on top of a vent near a patrolling maintenance worker.

Where To Use It

Penthouse Terrace Ladder Shortcut From the storage room where you can find Screwdriver#3 and Rat Poison #2, take the disguise of the penthouse staff to allow yourself to move fairly freely along this floor. Exit past the kitchen and through the doorway to the left of the dining table. Climb over the railing and proceed to the door that leads to the penthouse terrace. Once outside, use your crowbar to break open the shortcut that leads to a maintenance room below.

Ventilation Area Ladder Shortcut This shortcut can be found in the same room as Crowbar #4.

Helipad Ladder Shortcut Using the ventilation area ladder shortcut, proceed across the helipad, hugging the wall and watching out for the helicopter pilot and the two patrolling guards. The ladder can be found at the end of the walkway behind a large box.

Aside from creating the various shortcuts, the crowbar can also be used to break the mounting off various speakers from the scaffolding behind the art gallery, creating accident kills. It is also needed to pry open fuse cabinets around the art gallery in order to retrieve the fuse cell inside.

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