Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Get All Blazing Suns For The Nora Hunting Grounds

Horizon Zero Dawn has a gripping storyline, but there are also plenty of side missions to keep you busy. One such set of skill-testing side quests would be the Hunting Grounds. There are 3 types of rewards that can be given to you depending on how fast you complete the trials.

Today, we’ll show you how to get 3 of the Blazing Suns (the highest rewards) on offer at the Nora Hunting Grounds.

Make sure you have the needed weapons before attempting these trials and enough ammunition to keep yourself from running dry mid-trial.

Parts Alone Trial

What you need to do:

  • Shoot off 10 Blaze Canisters from the back of Grazers.

The time you need to complete it in:

  • 1:00 or less


  • Tearblast Arrow Ammo (Carja Sharpshot Bow) Or Normal Arrow Ammo (This will make it harder)

The trial starts when you head down the rope so make sure your ammunition is full before you head down.

Once you’re down there you will see a herd of Grazers to your left. They are guarded by Watchers, but you can ignore these.

Use your focus to highlight the weak spots on the GrazersThey are the canisters on the rear of the machine.

By doing this you will make it easier to see where the canisters are when the area erupts into chaos after you alert them to your presence.

Aim at these, if you’re using tear arrows they will explode and break off a few canisters at a time. (If you’re using normal arrows, repeatedly fire at the canisters to knock them off)

The Sharpshot Bow does take longer to reload but you need less ammo to get 10 canisters.

The Grazers will move off, run after them and keep firing the canisters until they come off.

TIP: Use the attention indicators to track the herd down if you lose them.

Log Pile Trial

What you need to do:

  • Shoot the log piles and use the logs to crush the Grazers

The time you need to complete it in:

  • 2:00 or less


  • Blast Sling and any Arrows

When you go down the rope to the trial area, the Grazer herd will be to your left.

Wherever you fire a blast bomb, the herd will spook and run in the opposite direction.

Your best move for this trial is to aim the bomb in the center near the back of the group near the river.

They typically spook and head for the center pathway of the trial area.

Up the sides of the higher ground of this pathway, there are several undisturbed log piles.

As the Grazers run past, aim and shoot at the panels (either in front of or behind) each log pile.

This will cause the pile to roll down onto the Grazers and crush them if timed properly.

If you miss the chance, you can herd the Grazers back down another pathway and use the same principle.

Aim and shoot the log piles as they run past.

If you completely run out of time, leave the area to stop the trial and head back to the Nora Keeper to start it again.

Blast Wire Trial

What you need to do:

  • Kill 6 Grazers using Blast Wire

The time you need to complete it in:

  • 3:00 or less


  • Carja Tripcaster and Blast Sling

When you slide down the rope to the trial area, do not go anywhere near the Grazers yet.

Instead, run to your right and you will see one of the area’s 3 pathways.

Use the Blast Wire in your Tripcaster and set them up all along the path. It may seem excessive but lay down as many as you can in that pathway (without sacrificing too much time).

The best way to lay the wires is low to the floor. Although Grazers are tall, they can slip past high-up wires. 

Stick to keeping the wires lower to the ground, that way when they run past they will trigger them with their feet.

Then when you are satisfied with that area, quickly repeat that step in the center and far pathways.

The preparation for this trial is the most important bit, do not skimp on how many Blast Wires you lay down.

Once you have set up all of the Blast Wires, head back up to the higher ground.

Then use the Blast Bombs in your Blast Sling to spook the Grazers.

If you have only put wires down one pathway, aim your Blast Bomb to the opposite side of the herd and the direction you want them to run in.

However, if you have placed wires down each pathway it does not really matter where the Grazers run off to.

Once they run off and come into contact with the Blast Wires the Grazers will almost instantly die.

If you have spent the time prepping properly, you will get 6 Grazers in no time.

Use the steps in this guide and you will have all 3 of the Blazing Suns from the Nora Hunting Grounds.  By gaining these 3 rewards, you will be able to gain access to the Hunters Lodge in Meridian.

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