Hotline Miami Meets Bulletstorm In Anger Foot

Anger Foot is what you get when you add the kicking mechanic from Bulletstorm to the gameplay of Hotline Miami, and blend it together with a dash of Doom’s FPS view and speed. A high octane shooter, where your foot is the most powerful weapon.

You and your mighty foot must make your way across apartment blocks filled with armed goons. Sure, you can shoot them like every other normie out there, or you could send them flying across the room to their death with a kick. The enemies aren’t the only thing you can kick around in Anger Foot. You can make use of doors and exploding barrels to rack up the body count too.

Each level comprises a bunch of rooms with shut doors. Kicking in the door not only opens it, but sends it flying off the hinges, right at whichever unlucky bloke is waiting on the other side. A neat little feature of the game is that the doors (or whatever else you kick) will fly at such a force, that it can take out a cluster of enemies together. So if you see a group of them all huddled up, don’t be afraid of sending a door flying their way.

While guns have the ability to kill enemies with one hit, it seems that in accordance with the Doom reference, the protagonist in Anger Foot is also too angry to reload. So once your clip is empty, you can use your gun as a projectile, like in Hotline Miami.

You can check out the prototype of the game on, where developer Robbie Fraser has listed down some of the newer updates that have been incorporated. The latest update for the game saw the addition of new enemies, weapons, levels, music tracks, and even three new types of kicks. Improvements have been made to props, textures, decorations, and sound effects.

Additionally, the developers have also added in progress saving, a level selection screen, a lighting and shader system, a feature that makes enemies dance after killing you, exploding barrels, and roaches that you can stomp on.

You can follow Anger Foot’s development on Discord.

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