How To Adjust The Touch Screen Controls For Xbox Game Pass Cloud Games

Xbox Game Pass is a great deal – that’s a fact. It is arguably the best deal in gaming, and thousands upon thousands of players are using the service every day to download new games onto their PC and console in order to enjoy everything the service has to offer. But one things people aren’t using enough of is the Cloud gaming aspect.

Xbox Game Pass allows you to stream full games to your mobile device and play them on your phone, all the way through, and some even allow touch controls in place of traditional controllers. You can stream games from your console, but it’s far more exciting to stream games from the Cloud so you can play while on the train, or in the airport, or while visiting a friend that doesn’t have an Xbox console. You can even still participate in multiplayer and more. That’s pretty incredible, truth be told.

The only thing is that touch controls can be hard to master, and in this guide we’re going to run down how you can edit them so they fit you better. Do you want the dev’s suggested layout, or do you want to make your own? Do you want to move your icons around the screen so you can put them where feels comfortable for you, or do you want a tiny layout? Are you playing on a small mobile device, and require the buttons to be large so your thumbs can press them, or are you on a tablet, and require them to be smaller and less overbearing?

Whatever your requirements for touch screen controls in Xbox Game Pass Cloud games, we will give you a quick rundown on how to edit and change them to your liking right here, so read below for everything you need to know.

How To Change The Control Layout

While playing Xbox Game Pass games on your mobile device you can tap in the top left corner of the screen to reveal the Xbox icon – pressing this will act as the Home button on a normal Xbox console – and next to it will be a controller icon. Tap the controller icon in order to change things.

The basic editing controls are that your buttons appear on two wheels either side of your screen. If you tap and hold on the centre of these wheels you will be able to move them around your screen, while tapping and holding on the outer edges of the wheels you can rotate the buttons and stretch the wheels to make the surface area for the buttons larger or smaller.

Mirror Mode

The Mirror option ensures that the two button wheels are on equal levels across the screen, and this is great if you’re using your equally-sized and equally-capable thumbs in order to control the proceedings. If you are not using those equal thumbs however, you might want things offset, or the controls leaning towards one side of the screen more than the other. If you want things to be offset, ensure to turn Mirror off.

Basic Controls

Most games on the Xbox Game Pass Cloud service have been adapted for touch screen controls, so the on-screen buttons will be shaped like, for example, a jump, or a hand for grabbing or interacting with something. This is very nice, and I prefer this, but if you just want to look at a standard Xbox controller overlay, you can turn on Basic Controls and just view button icons, and you can remember what they do. Non-basic controls may also hide buttons unused by the game out of view, which is nice.

Motion Options

Some shooters and other titles will allow you to use Motion Controls, your phone’s gyroscopes – in order to aim guns and move the camera. While this will depend partially on how good your phone’s sensors are, and also the game, it can be a great boon to playing shooters, especially in the heat of multiplayer matches.

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