How to Find Every Snow Globe in Fallout: New Vegas

After nuclear annihilation at the hands of world leaders, all that’s left standing is the Wasteland. Obsidian, the developers of Fallout: New Vegas, understand and explore the anti-capitalist themes inherent in this state of affairs thoroughly. Throughout New Vegas, we meet various factions, many of which represent the extreme height of capitalism. This results in some wild storylines and choices that show society’s decay since the fall of the bombs.

One such outlandish decision is venturing across the dangerous Mojave Wasteland to collect snow globes. Cheap, tacky snow globes. Certain collectors across the desert pay a high price for them, so it’s certainly in your financial interests to go risk your life to find them all.

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That’s no easy task, as these snow globes are spread far and wide across the desert. Fortunately, you won’t need to do too much searching. Here’s a full guide on how to find every snow globe in the Mojave Wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas.

Snow Globe #1: Goodsprings Cemetery

The Courier can find their first snow globe before they encounter any of the major factions in Fallout: New Vegas. After the opening cutscene, you will wake up in Doc Mitchell’s home in Goodsprings. This is the local cemetery is where Benny shot you, leaving you for dead in a grave. Of course, you could chase down Benny straight away, ignoring any other questlines. If you want to find all the snow globes though, here is a great place to start. Leave Doc Mitchell’s shack and go North-East of the town. You’ll find the cemetery on top of a hill. Here, you can find the grave that Benny left you to die in. To the left of your grave, you will see another grave with some rocks piled next to it. The Goodsprings snow globe will be sitting atop these rocks, at the foot of the grave marker.

Snow Globe #2: Mt. Charleston

Jacobstown is home to a settlement of friendly Super Mutants. Here, there are two important things to collect. The first is, of course, a snow globe. The other is a companion for the rest of your adventure named Lily. She’s a very powerful Nightkin who can help you fight through the other dangerous areas you’ll explore whilst collecting snow globes.

The Mt. Charleston snow globe is in the Jacobstown Lodge, so you’ll need to venture to Jacobstown if you haven’t already. It’s located in a ski resort to the North-West of the Mojave Wasteland.

As you can see on the map, there is a path that leads straight to Jacobstown, stretching off the highway at the top of the Mojave. Following this path is the safest route to Jacobstown, as it is mostly infested with Giant Mantises. These can be easily killed with most weapons, even at the beginning of the game.

If you try to reach Jacobstown from below, or via the dotted line shown on the map above, you will encounter countless Cazadores. These are some of the strongest enemies in Fallout: New Vegas, so it’s best to just use the road.

Once you arrive in Jacobstown, you will meet Marcus, a friendly Super Mutant who greets you at the gate. After your conversation with him has finished, head through the gates. Directly ahead, there is a big building known as Jacobstown Lodge. Enter the Lodge and you will find the Mt. Charleston snow globe on the reception desk, next to a terminal.

Snow Globe #3: Hoover Dam Visitor Centre

Hoover Dam is where the dramatic finale happens in Fallout: New Vegas, but you aren’t coming here for that just yet. The journey to Hoover Dam is still long and arduous, so make sure that you’ve recruited Lily before you go.

The best way to get to Hoover Dam, if you haven’t already been, is to travel over the Black Mountain. Hoover Dam is located far to the East of the Mojave. On your Pip Boy map, go straight across from Goodsprings Cemetery to the other side of the map. This area is where you will find Hoover Dam.

The Black Mountain is found in between, and it is teeming with Super Mutants, Radscorpions, and sometimes Deathclaws. These would usually be too strong for a low-level player, but Lily should be able to help you. If you have given her one of the best weapons in Fallout: New Vegas, Lily will kill most creatures with ease.

When you arrive at Hoover Dam, find the Visitor Centre. This is along the path that leads you into the Dam, so you won’t miss it. There will be lots of NCR soldiers in this area, so it’s best to collect this one before you side with a competing faction like the Legion.

Enter the Centre and the snow globe will be right in front of you, sitting on the welcome desk.

Snow Globe#4: Nellis Boomer Museum

Nellis Airfield is located to the North of the Mojave. This settlement is home to a group known as the Boomers. You will meet the Boomers if you side with the NCR, as you are tasked with getting them to fight alongside you in the Battle of Hoover Dam. Regardless of whether you follow the main quest to Nellis or you venture here earlier, it won’t be easy to get inside.

This settlement is appropriately named after their favourite hobby: blowing stuff up. This is something you’ll learn very quickly as you approach Nellis Airfield. There is a path leading towards the base, along which you will meet a man named George. He will warn you of the dangers ahead and offer some assistance (alongside a risky wager). If you move any further, the Boomers will start firing mortars which will easily blow the Courier into pieces.

George will advise that you go North-West and use buildings as cover to approach the base. However, it is much quicker to just continue along the path past George and move as quickly as possible to the fence around Nellis. Once you reach the fence, the Boomers will stop firing and allow you to enter the base. You will take a lot of damage, but you can just find a bed once inside, as sleeping regenerates all your health.

Once you are in the base, find the Nellis Boomer Museum. Enter the Museum and turn immediately left to find the Nellis Airfield Base snow globe on a table.

Snow Globe #5: Old Mormon Fort

The rest of the snow globes are all located in and around New Vegas’ Strip. The first is in the Old Mormon Fort, a base for the Followers of the Apocalypse. The Fort is found in Freeside, next to the King’s School of Impersonation. Enter the Fort and turn immediately right. There will be a tower in the corner, with a door that leads inside.

Enter the tower and go up the stairs. Once you arrive at the top, there will be two bookshelves against the wall. Sitting atop one of them will be the Old Mormon Fort globe.

Snow Globe #6: Vault 21 Hotel

Vault 21 is a pre-war Vault that has been converted into a hotel by the owner, Sarah. If you enter the Strip from Freeside after collecting the Old Mormon Fort globe, head past all the casinos until you reach the Tops. Continue a little further and there will be a gate. Pass through here and turn right to find the Vault 21 Gift Shop.

Enter the gift shop and you will meet Sarah. A path ahead leads down into the actual hotel in the vault. However, first you need to pickpocket the key for Sarah’s room, which is where you will find the snow globe.

Once you have taken the key from Sarah, head down into the actual Vault. Continue down the many stairs until you arrive in a room with blackjack tables. Once there, turn left and go down the corridor leading out of this room. As you walk through the corridor, enter the second door on your left to find Sarah’s room. Here, on a nightstand between the two beds, you will find the Strip snow globe.

Snow Globe #7: Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge

The final snow globe is inside the Lucky 38, but you can’t just walk straight in. Firstly, you need to kill Benny in the Tops. Once you have killed him, you can recover the Platinum Chip that he stole from you. Then, leave the Tops and you will be approached by three people. The NCR, Legion, and Mr. House will all request meetings with you. For now, head to the Lucky 38 casino with Victor, where you can meet the notorious Mr. House.

Once you enter the casino, go straight ahead to the elevator. Speak to Victor and go to the Penthouse Suite, which is your only option for now. Once you arrive at the top floor, find the big computer screen that lets you communicate with Mr. House. Speak to him and hand over the Platinum Chip (don’t worry, you’ll get it back).

Finish the conversation and go speak to Victor at the elevator. He will reveal that Mr House has allowed you stay in the High Roller Suite. For now, however, ask to go to the Cocktail Lounge.

When you leave the elevator, you will see that the Cocktail Lounge is a bar that stretches around in a circle. Move around the inside of the bar, taking care to look behind every cash register. You will find the Test Site snow globe tucked behind the middle cash register.

The Lucky 38 is the perfect place to end this adventure, as you can sell all your snow globes to a friendly robot there called Jane. Go to the Penthouse and Jane will be standing immediately outside the elevator. Talk to her to sell all the snow globes you’ve collected for 2000 caps each. You can then admire your collection in the Presidential Suite on a display stand.

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