How to get the Final Fantasy 7 Remake secret ending in the demo?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake got a playable demo earlier this week – and it's incredible.

The opening chapter of the game is available to download right now from the PlayStation Store , and lets players experience first-hand the opening chapter from the game – taking you through the events of the iconic Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission.

But the demo is harbouring a secret – something you may not realise if you perform certain actions instead of others during the mission.

The Final Fantasy series, and JRPGs in general, have a rich history of secret endings, and it's nice to see that tradition carried on with the latest demo.

How to unlock the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo's secret ending

About halfway through the demo, protagonists Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace make their way to the centre of the Mako reactor and have to place a bomb on the device.

The games lets you choose from two options for the bomb timer: 30 minutes or 20 minutes.

The option you select determines how long you'll have to fight the Scorpion Sentinel boss that'll appear once the explosives are set.

By choosing the 20 minute option, you'll get to see some bonus footage at the end of the demo (and earn Barret's respect).

Players that complete the boss with time to spare (it's not that hard, it'll take you about 10 minutes) will be able to see an extra clip in the short movie that plays once you complete the demo – giving you a pretty good look at the game's main villain in an iconic scene recreated from the original game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake release 21 new pictures with Red XIII and more

Those who download the demo before May 11, 2020 will also receive an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme when the full game launches next month.

The file weighs in at a modest 7.33GB on PlayStation 4 consoles.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on 10 April 2020.

If you want to know more about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can read our full hands-on preview of the game at the link.

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