How To Make Honey And Jelly In Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

Farm life in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has you growing a whole range of crops, plants, trees, and more. Each of the different kinds of tasks you perform on your farm gives you Skill Levels that you can rank up, such as orcharding, cultivating, reaping, and more.

One of the available skills in the game is Beekeeping, where you collect raw hives from beehives. This only unlocks once you unlock your first beehive. So, if you want to become an avid beekeeper and start making your own honey, here’s everything you need to do.

Prerequisite Tasks

Before you can start making honey, you have to first expand your farm into the third area. This means repairing the dilapidated bridge in the southeast section of the first farm area, then removing the rubble from the northeast part of area two. These repairs can be done using either crafting materials or money, and all of them take a day to complete.

Once you have access to the final area, when you enter it, you can find the dilapidated Beehive just on your left.

In order to repair the Beehive you will need the following:

  • 20x Durable Lumber (obtained from cutting down trees on the left side of the third farm area and then processing the logs in a Lumber Maker)
  • 50x Tough Grass (obtained from cutting grass on the right side of the third farm area, before the Hydroculture Plant)

After the Beehive is repaired, you can begin your new career in beekeeping. You can also purchase more Beehives from Nigel’s Handiworks in town.

How To Make Honey and Jelly

Once the hive is built, you need to attract some bees to come and make some honeycomb for you. To do that, you need to insert a flower into the hive. However, not all flowers can be added to the hive, and most of the flowers found growing wild near the hive do not work.

It must be a flower with a quality rating, represented by a bronze, silver, or gold star in the top left corner. These can sometimes be found growing wild, grown yourself, purchased from the Sprite Shop, obtained from the Field Sprite, or purchased from the Flower Shop in town. The kind of flower you use will change the type of hive you receive (which is covered at the end of this guide).

Once you’ve placed a flower in the hive, bees will come and in a few days’ time, you will be able to harvest your hives. Each time you collect your hives, your Beekeeping Skill level will improve.

How to Get The Honey Maker

Continue to place flowers and harvest hives, and once you reach Beekeeping Skill Level 3, you will unlock the Honey Maker, which can then be used to convert your hives into tasty honey or jelly.

In order to craft a Honey Maker, you will need the following materials:

  • 5x Supple Lumber (obtained from cutting down trees on the right side of the third farm area, before the Hydroculture Plant)
  • 3x Moondrop Flower (usually growing wild in Area 1)
  • 3x Pink Cat Flower (usually growing wild in Area 2)
  • 3x Magic Blue Flower (usually growing wild in Area 3)
  • 3x Magic Red Flower (usually growing wild in Area 3)

All flowers can usually found growing in the wild or can be purchased from the Flower Shop, with stock varying depending on what you have shipped out previously. Alternatively, all required flowers can be purchased from the Sprite Shop in the Earth Sprite Village. Additionally, the Field Sprite can give you a variety of flowers.

Different Hive Types and What They Make

The type of hive you receive from the Beehive depends on the type of flower you used to attract bees. Different hives can be used to make different honey and jelly types.

  • Honey Hive — Used to make Honey. (Required Flower: Mum, Cineraria, Tulip, Nemophila, Pansy, Hibiscus, Petunia, Primrose, Marigold, or Rose.)
  • Honeycomb Hive — Used to make Comb Honey. (Required Flower: Clematis, Begonia, or Sunflower.)
  • Worker Hive — Used to make Worker Jelly. (Required Flower: Daisy or Black Rose.)

Some of these flowers can be found growing in the wild. Nguyen’s Flower Shop sells different flowers and seeds each season, with more stock being available depending on items you have previously shipped. Additionally, some flowers are sold from the Sprite Shop in the Earth Sprite Village, and the Field Sprite can bring you various flowers once it is ulocked.

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