How To Repair Weapons In Breath of the Wild

Weapon durability is seldom a popular mechanic, but it does have its place in video games. Nintendo made a lot to The Legend of Zelda with Breath of the Wild, among them completely revamping for combat worked. Instead of having a set Sword and Shield, Link now has to scavenge the overworld. Breath of the Wild forces players to be creative with their equipment, making sure weapons, shields, and bows routinely break with use. For any Zelda fan, this is a massive change of pace.

Weapon durability does work well in the context of Breath of the Wild (and you should never be out of weapons), but it’s understandable Zelda fans would be unimpressed. A game like Breath of the Wild arguably makes too many for longtime fans to stay comfortable. All the same, that’s where BotW thrives and it’s not as if there aren’t ways to repair weapons in-game. While difficult and by no means intended, Link can repair his weapons in Breath of the Wild – but not all of them.

Rusty Rocktorok Repairs

Found all around Death Mountain and in the Gerudo Highlands, Rock Octoroks inhale with a strong breath of air before spitting out an attack at Link. A player’s first instinct should be to throw Bombs into their mouth (they’re essentially BotW’s versions of Dodongos), but it’s actually possible to use Rock Octoroks to repair Rusty equipment.

Link can find Rusty Shields, Rusty Swords, Rusty Halberbs, and Rusty Claymores all around Hyrule. If Link drops a Rusty Shield in front of a Rock Octorok or throws their Rusty weapon into their mouth while they’re sucking in air, the Rock Octorok will spit out a brand new weapon/shield in perfect condition. What the Rock Octorok spits out is random, but you’ll always get something better than Rusty equipment.

Hammerhead Trident Maintenance

Beyond Rusty equipment, Link can also repair two specific weapons: the Ceremonial Trident and the Lightscale Trident. Both are intimately connected to Mipha’s character and can be found in Zora’s Domain. The Ceremonial Trident is found in the waters below Trello whereas the Lightscale Trident is a reward for completing Vah Ruta.

If either weapon breaks during the course of the game, Link can visit the Hammerhead workshop at Zora’s Domain. Dento can repair either Trident so long as Link brings him the right material. To repair the Ceremonial Trident, Link needs a Zora Spear and 5 pieces of Flint. For the Lightscale Trident, Link needs a Zora Spear, 5 pieces of Flint, and 1 Diamond.

Replacing The Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is the single best shield in Breath of the Wild. With a defense rating of 90 and the highest durability of any shield or weapon in the game, the Hylian Shield is guaranteed to take hours’ worth of damage before it finally breaks. While players can’t repair their Hylian Shield, they can actually buy another one in Tarrey Town.

Grante runs a shop in Tarrey Town where players can actually repurchase any “unique” items they’ve either lost or broken. Once the Hylian Shield has been obtained in Hyrule Castle, Link can purchase a replacement for 3,000 Rupees. Considering how long the Shield lasts, that’s a steal.

Master Sword Nuances

The Master Sword is the only weapon in Breath of the Wild that will never break, but that doesn’t mean Link can perpetually use it like in earlier Zelda games. The Master Sword has a base durability of 40 hits, requiring a 15 minute recharge upon running out of energy. While 15 minutes isn’t too long, it’s long enough to prevent LInk from relying solely on the Master Sword.

It’s also worth noting that a fully upgraded Master Sword has a durability of around 200 hits. Completing Trial of the Sword is easier said than done, but buffing the Master Sword all the way to 60 does wonders in increasing the sword’s durability. It’s not so much weapon repair as it is weapon refinement, though.

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