How To Save Both The Geth And Quarians In Mass Effect 3

The Mass Effect trilogy is a series full of different choices that can really branch the narrative off in a variety of directions. Whether it be something big like saving the Council in the first game or something seemingly small like a side quest, some choices will have dramatic effects on those around Commander Shepard. One of those decisions is whether or not to save either the geth or quarians in Mass Effect 3 when Admiral Gerrel tries to wipe the geth out.

It is one of the few choices that is neither exclusively paragon or renegade but is an agonizing choice nevertheless. Thankfully though there is a way to save both that involves a plethora of outcomes extending back to Mass Effect 2 Here is how to save both unique species in Mass Effect 3.

What To Do In Mass Effect 2

The bulk of what to do actually does not lie in Mass Effect 3 but rather the second game. All of which surrounds everyone’s favorite quarian Tali and everyone’s favorite geth Legion.

There are certain things that must be done with these two in order for there to be peace between both species.

Complete Tali’s Loyalty Mission

Tali’s loyalty mission, called Treason, sees her on trial for treason against her people for sending geth units to her father, Rael who is on the quarian Admiralty Board, that have reactivated and killed everybody on her father’s ship the Alarei. Shepard has to go with her in order to find evidence that proves not only Tali’s innocence but also her father’s.

When they reach the end of the ship, they will come across a terminal showing that Rael deliberately reactivated the geth to perform weapons testing on them. Tali will then beg Shepard not to show the evidence at the trial to maintain her father’s good name.

Ensure She Is Not Exiled

When the time comes to present the findings, a charm and intimidate prompt can be selected should the player have enough paragon or renegade points respectively which is about three bars worth. Regardless of whether Shepard spoke to the admirals during the intermission, doing this will make them rule that Tali is innocent.

This is important since doing this will have Tali take her father’s place on the admiralty board, giving her authority and influence that she would not have otherwise.

Complete Legion’s Loyalty Mission

Likely the last squad member that Shepard recruits for the suicide mission, Legion’s loyalty mission should open up right after he is recruited if he is the last one recruited. Legion’s mission entails Shepard going with him to a geth heretic station, heretics being geth that worship the Reapers, in order to stop them from releasing a virus that would make all geth worship the Reapers.

At the end of the mission, Legion will have Shepard make the choice of either wiping out the remaining heretics or use an EMP pulse to rewrite them. Either outcome would help towards peace though it is important to note that this decision will affect the amount of war assets that both the geth and quarians have to contribute after the Rannoch storyline in Mass Effect 3.

Resolve Tali and Legion’s Argument Without Taking A Side

After Legion’s loyalty mission is completed, a cutscene will play out of Joker notifying Shepard that Tali has gone off to have a “chat” with Legion. When Shepard gets to their location, Tali will have a gun drawn on Legion saying she caught Legion trying to send data about the Migrant Fleet to the rest of the geth. Both will make their points and then Shepard will be prompted to make a decision as to resolve it.

Provided the player has four bars worth of paragon and renegade points, they will be able to end the argument without siding with one or the other. Convincing them both to stand down will then see Tali send non-classified data to Legion after understanding his attentions, of which the latter is grateful. This will show Tali that there is a chance for peace and make her vote against war with the geth in the third game.

Ensure Both Survive The Suicide Mission

The suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 can see multiple squad mates bite the dust permanently should Shepard go in unprepared. It is absolutely vital that both Tali and Legion survive, which is easier said than done, since both are the two biggest figures in making peace between their people. Before it can even be launched, three important ship upgrades must be acquired or else Shepard will lose three squad members straight out the gate and one of those could be Tali or Legion.

Ship upgrades needed are:

  • Heavy Ship Armor (talk to Jacob about Normandy upgrades or complete his loyalty mission)
  • Mult-Core Shielding (talk to Tali about Normandy upgrades or complete her loyalty mission)
  • Thanix Cannon (talk to Garrus about Normandy upgrades or complete his loyalty mission)

After dramatically sticking the landing onto the Collector Base, a game plan is formed as to how to move further inside the base. One of which will require a tech expert to move through a series of vents. Choosing either Tali or Legion for this is best.

Do not choose either of these two for other options besides the tech one since they will die if they are given a task ill-suited for their skillset. It is also important that both are loyal so that way if they are given the tech task, they can do it without distractions otherwise they will die.

It is also important to choose the right biotic escort when moving through the seeker swarm since choosing the wrong one could result in one of them dying due to the shield going down prematurely if they were brought along with Shepard. The best biotic for this task is either Samara or Jack. After this point they should survive provided others survived to hold the Collectors off at the end.

What To Do In Mass Effect 3

There is surprisingly not as much to do in Mass Effect 3 when compared to its prequel but the effects of the decisions made before can really be seen. Resolving the argument between Tali and Legion will result in the former changing her stance on war with the geth with her now opposing it rather than supporting it like before.

What needs to be done to achieve peace starts right after the geth dreadnought is destroyed.

Do The Rannoch Missions And Ensure Admiral Koris Survives

One of the missions on Rannoch involves attempting to take down AA guns and rescuing Admiral Koris, who crashed onto the planet in the dreadnought mission. Once the guns are down, Shepard will then be engaged into a conversation with the admiral who is under heavy attack by the geth. Shepard urges him to send them his location but Koris insists instead on them rescuing his people.

Having enough paragon or renegade points will enable Shepard to convince Koris to be picked up and thus rescuing him but at the cost of the other quarians. Without Koris, the civilian fleet that he commanded will panic due to the lack of strong leadership. Having him around prevents this. Doing the other mission involving the geth fighter squadron will ensure the quarians are ready for the final battle on Rannoch.

The Big Moment

After all this and defeating the Reaper on Rannoch, the time will come for Legion to upload the Reaper code to ensure his people still have their intelligence while not worshipping the Reapers. The upload must be initiated in which will cause Tali trying to stop Legion since the quarians are bent on wiping out the geth, the latter of which do not want to fight them.

Having enough paragon or renegade points, around three quarters worth, will trigger an option where Shepard says enough is enough. Only doing everything above will cause these options to appear. With Shepard speaking on both Tali and Koris’ authority as admirals, Shepard will succeed in convincing Admiral Gerrel to back down from his assault.

This finally achieves peace after so much death for both sides though at the cost of Legion sacrificing himself. It also enables both quarian and geth assets to be used against the Reapers when launching the assault on Earth.

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