How To Slide Cancel In COD: Warzone

If you’re a hardcore Call of Duty: Warzone player, then you’ve probably seen plenty of people slide cancelling around the map. A Slide Cancel is a simple technique that allows you to slide, and slide, and repeatedly slide, resulting in your overall movement being much faster than it can be while running.

As a result, the Slide Cancel has become an essential component of the movement meta in COD: Warzone, and if you don’t know how to Slide Cancel, you might be giving your opponents the opportunity to get the upper hand and shoot you down while you’re moving slowly.

Slide Cancelling also has the added benefit of making your hurtbox go lower to the ground, making you harder to hit overall while moving. You can master this technique on both controller and PC alike, though it’s certainly more difficult on one than the other.

How To Perform A Slide Cancel In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Just from watching a Slide Cancel in motion you can probably guess how it works. You slide, stand, run, and slide again immediately. Repeat for victory. But the button timing, like bunny hopping in Apex Legends, can throw you off – though once you have it embedded in your muscle memory, you’ll never fail.

To perform a Slide Cancel in Warzone, press these exact inputs.

  • Double-press Sprint for a Fast Sprint.
  • Press Crouch for a slide.
  • As the slide ends, immediately press Crouch again to stand.
  • As you stand, immediately double-press Sprint for a Fast Sprint.
  • Repeat.

Your controller or keyboard mapping may be unique to you, but these are the inputs the game needs to record. In order to make the most of Slide Cancelling for traversal, you really need to understand the timing of standing out of your slide.

You will tap crouch to slide, and then crouch again to stand about half a second later. Once you get this timing, you will quickly learn how to run and sprint in and out of your slides.

Adapt Your Controls For Slide Cancels In COD: Warzone

Slide Cancelling on PC is pretty simple thanks to keyboard controls giving you all of the buttons you need at your fingertips, but on a controller it can be more difficult since you will still want your index fingers ready to fire at any moment.

This is why it is heavily recommended that you use a controller that has back buttons, such as the SCUF controllers, Xbox Elite Controller, or the Back Button Attachment for the DualShock 4.

These back buttons will allow you to map sprint and crouch, while still giving you full control of your camera and trigger fingers as you move and Slide Cancel through the world. While these controllers aren’t essential, they will definitely help.

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