How To Whistle In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Something you can go through the entirety of Pokemon Sword and Shield without ever even realizing was a possibility is whistling. This little trick isn’t for whistling the Pokemon theme, although that would be an awesome little secret as well, but actually serves a gameplay purpose. Knowing this handy trick will make catching Pokemon a little bit easier, especially for those timid Pokemon you might have your eye on. Unlike in real life, learning how to whistle in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a breeze, so check out our guide and you can whistle the day away.

How To Whistle In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Whistling isn’t necessary at any point in your Pokemon journey through Sword and Shield, which explains why so many people will go through the game not even being aware of it as a mechanic. You are taught it in the opening hours of the game by Hop, but after that it is never mentioned again. For those that do remember how to do it, it becomes an awesome tool for luring Pokemon to you for an easy battle. If you whistle in close enough proximity to any Pokemon, their attention will snap to you and start to close in on your position.

To whistle, all you need to do is press down on the left stick and your trainer will use their fingers to make a loud whistle. In real life this might scare off critters, but in the world of Pokemon it can draw out even the most skittish of creatures. This is handy for smaller Pokemon in tall grass, flying types that are hard to engage in battle, drawing in water types, and to just speed up general grinding.

While this obviously won’t work while you’re in a battle or menu, the function does actually work while riding your bike. Rather than whistling, though, pressing in the left stick will cause your bike’s bell to ring. It still serves the same function, but is a cool little detail added to the game regardless. Some Pokemon even have unique interactions in response to a whistle.

While whistling is essentially the opposite of crouching, you can use the pair together to close in on timid Pokemon just enough so they’re in range of your whistle to entice them into a fight.

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