Hyenas Closed Alpha Starts In Europe Today

Hyenas is about to hit Europe. The closed alpha tests that have been popping up every other weekend since July are finally floating across the ocean to start opening up slots in Europe starting today.

Hyenas made the announcement last week with a tweet asking players to "#JoinThePack." Alpha signups are on the official Hyenas website and alpha invites are restricted to the PC platform only. However, developer Creative Assembly has confirmed that "this will change as we'll be opening up to additional platforms soon."

US players are already in the Hyenas alpha tests, so this will mark the first time European and US players could be playing together. Most likely this will be a test of Hyenas’ networking and matchmaking capacity.

For those who have no idea what Hyenas even is, it's a hero shooter coming sometime in 2023 from Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly. The game takes place in the (hopefully) far future where climate catastrophes have destroyed the Earth and the upper classes have all fled to Mars. However, the rich are plundering Earth one last time, stealing everything they can and taking it with them on giant space barges to their new home on the fourth planet from the sun.

In response, the lower classes have banded together to form packs that invade these space barges (amusingly called "plunderships") to loot their stuff back. Expect a lot of wild and wacky weapons, such as a foam cannon, pop-up turrets, and a Matrix-like shield that stops bullets in their tracks. There's also going to be a ton of pop culture references, and thanks to Sega publishing the title, expect a few Sonic references floating out there too.

So far, Hyenas is described as a battle royale game with five teams of three people all trying to loot the plundership while avoiding being fragged by the competing teams. There might even be some sort of livestream that shows the fights to folks back on Earth since they're probably in desperate need of entertainment.

Hyenas arrives sometime in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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