I Was A Teenage Exocolonist: How To Create Your Character

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  • Choosing Your Name
  • Gender And Appearance
  • Genetic Enhancement
  • First Childhood Friendship
  • Traveling Through The Wormhole
  • Childhood Memories And Gear You Can Equip On Your Second Playthrough

Character creation is an essential part of any RPG. However, in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist, creating your character is more complex than attributing stat points and playing around with cosmetic alterations like physical traits and outfits. Instead, the game presents choices that determine your character's skills, starting card deck, relationships, temperament, and more.

These early choices significantly impact the choices and activities available when starting your exocolonist life. Therefore, you should cater these choices to reflect the path you wish to take in your lifetime. Luckily, we've compiled each step of the character creation process so you can make decisions that are right for you.

Choosing Your Name

When you begin creating your character, you'll get introduced to your parents: Geranium and Flulu, who run Geoponics aboard the Stratospheric. Then, you'll have the opportunity to choose the name they've given you. These are your options:

  • Solanaceae
  • Solana
  • Solane
  • Something Else (Enter A Custom Name)

Gender And Appearance

After choosing a name, you'll be able to adjust your gender and appearance via two sliders:

  • Gender
    • she/her<———-|——-they/them——-|———->he/him
    • You can also write in custom pronouns. To do so, click on the Customize button above the middle of the gender slider.
  • Appearance
    • feminine<———-|——-androgynous——-|———->masculine
    • This slider affects your character's appearance in their late teens.
    • You can change your character's gender and appearance throughout their lifetime. To do so, enter the Friends menu and adjust the sliders at the top of the drop-down window.

      Genetic Enhancement

      In the future, children often receive genetic enhancements, granting physical, mental, and social advantages in their lifetime. The enhancement you choose grants a specific skill boost and memory card.

      Genetic EnhancementSkill BoostMemory Card
      Eagle Eyes+10 PerceptionEagle Eyes I:

      • Physical card (red).
      • Zero points.
      • Plus one skill point on physical challenge win.
      Extra Fingers+10 CreativityExtra Fingers I:

      • Social card (yellow).
      • Zero points.
      • Plus one skill point on social challenge win.
      Absorbent Brain+10 ReasoningAbsorbent Brain I:

      • Mental card (blue).
      • Zero points.
      • Plus one skill point on mental challenge win.
      Super Strength+10 CombatSuper Strength I:

      • Physical card (red).
      • Five points.
      Calm Temperament+10 EmpathyCalm Temperament I:

      • Social card (yellow).
      • Zero points.
      • Minus one stress.
      Nothing At All
      • No Skill Boost
      • +30 Kudos
      No Memory Card

      First Childhood Friendship

      Your next option is choosing a childhood friend. Each friend offers two skill boosts and a unique memory card. You'll also gain ten relationship points with whichever friend you choose. Here are the pals you'll grow up with on Vertumna IV:

      The following stats are for the first playthrough. The skill boosts gained decrease in following playthroughs.

      FriendSkill BoostMemory Card
      • +10 Toughness
      • +10 Combat
      Anemone's Loyalty:

      • Physical card (red).
      • Two points.
      • All physical cards under two become two.
      • +11 Biology
      • +10 Animals
      Cal's Strength:

      • Physical card (red).
      • Four points.
      • +10 Persuasion
      • +10 Organizing
      Marz's Ambition:

      • Social card (yellow).
      • Five points.
      • Minus one kudos.
      • +10 Bravery
      • +10 Perception
      Dys's Secret:

      • Mental card (blue).
      • Two points.
      • Plus two when in the first or last plane.
      • +10 Reasoning
      • +11 Engineering
      Tangent's Focus:

      • Mental card (blue).
      • Three points.
      • Plus one if it has the highest value.
      • +10 Empathy
      • +10 Creativity
      Tammy's Care:

      • Social card (yellow).
      • Two points.
      • Plus one to the card to its right.

      In your second playthrough, you and your new friend will experience a memory together. Your choice at this moment will provide another memory card and affects your placement on the authority/rebel spectrum. This moment is one of several additional memories you'll receive when starting your second game playthrough.

      Traveling Through The Wormhole

      To arrive at Vertumna IV, the Stratospheric must fly through a wormhole. This life event presents two more options that affect your starting memories and character traits.

      • Professor Hal instructs the children to form a single file line.
        • Do As He Says (Plus Five Authority Points)
        • Try To Slip Away (Plus Five Rebel Points)
      • "When you're frightened you…"
        • This choice has three options. Each has a specific skill threshold to choose from and rewards a unique memory card. Plus, you'll gain relationship points depending on your choice.
        • ChoiceSkill ThresholdMemory CardRelationship
          Put On A Tough FaceToughness 5 or greaterTough Face

          • Physical card (red).
          • Two points.
            • Social card (yellow).
            • Two points.
            • Mental card (blue).
            • One point.
            • Draw one extra card.

            Childhood Memories And Gear You Can Equip On Your Second Playthrough

            The character creation process in your first playthrough of I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is pared down. This simplification helps the game introduce concepts and ideas gradually through its tutorial. However, after finishing the game once, you'll receive more early childhood choices which provide additional gear and memories.

            Fourth Birthday Present [Gear]

            In your first playthrough of I Was A Teenage Exocolonist, you'll equip the Sun Medallion gear by default. However, in subsequent playthroughs, you can choose from six different gifts to equip as your first piece of gear.

            GiftGear EffectsStat Boost
            Your Mom's Gardening Trowel
            • +5 Biology
            • +1 Bonus to Straights.
            +5 Biology
            An Animal Book From Your Dad
            • +5 Animals
            • +1 Bonus to All Flushes.
            +5 Animals
            A Doll From Auntie Seedent
            • +5 Persuasion
            • +1 Bonus to Pairs.
            +5 Empathy
            Captain Eudicot's Old Hat
            • +5 Empathy
            • +1 Bonus to Straights.
            +5 Persuasion
            Learning Tablet From Professor Hal
            • +5 Reasoning
            • +1 Bonus to All Flushes.
            +5 Reasoning
            A Sportsball From Security Chief Rhett
            • +5 Toughness
            • +1 Bonus to Pairs.
            +5 Toughness

            Make Believe Stories [Memory]

            Another new memory you'll encounter occurs when you ask your father about Earth. However, since he determines that the subject of Earth is too mature for you, he'll read you fictional stories instead. Your favorite story rewards a specific gemmed memory card and stat boost. There are three choices:

            StoryMemory CardStat Boost
            Sir Knight And Princess PetticoatsTradition:

            • Physical card (red).
            • Gem.
            • Two points.
            • The physical card to the right becomes two.
            +5 Creativity.
            Superhero Justice WarriorsIdealism:

            • Social card (yellow).
            • Gem.
            • Two points.
            • The first card gets minus one, and the last card gets plus one.
            +5 Combat
            FutureDog And The Space CadetsFuturism:

            • Mental card (blue).
            • Gem.
            • One point.
            • The last card gets plus two points.
            +5 Engineering

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