Icarus: How To Put Out A Fire

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Similar to real life, fires in Icarus are quite unfortunate. If you are not paying attention, your house can quickly go up in flames. Nobody wants to see their hard work go to waste, but we are here to help with this.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to put out fires. Additionally, we will take a look at a few fire preventative measures, so any structure that you build in the future won't catch on fire. First, let's go over how fires can start.

Starting A Fire

Fires can be started in a few different ways. One of the most common ways that you may start a fire is by accidentally running through a firepit and then standing on a wooden structure.

Although this may sound silly, it's completely possible to spread fire just by walking through an existing fire.

Another common cause of fires is lightning. During this weather event, lightning has a chance to strike your house and cause it to burst into flames.

Lastly, fires can be started with torches. This is a simple portable light source, but if you accidentally drop it on a wooden or thatch surface, a fire can quickly start.

Putting Out Fires

If one of the unfortunate situations above has happened, you will need to put out the fire.

Overall, you should use a Fire Whacker. This is an item that will unlock early in the game while you are still researching tier-one blueprints.

The Fire Whacker is used to essentially beat the fire until it goes away. To use it, simply approach the fires (with caution) and left-click while holding the whacker. If the fire is really large, you may have to beat it for a while. Eventually, the fire will subside.

Below, you can find the necessary materials needed to craft a fire whacker.

  • 10 Fiber
  • 4 Sticks
  • 2 Stones

This is the most helpful item when putting out a fire; you should always have a fire whacker on hand so you can quickly get rid of any flames that may appear.

Forest Fires

Fires can also start in or spread to forests. If this is the case for you, it will be a lot harder to put out forest fires.

Forest fires will eventually end when the trees in the area have all been burnt. To prevent forest fires, try to not build your campfires and fire pits directly next to a patch of trees. Additionally, if the forest does catch on fire, you don't want this to spread to your house. This can be prevented by placing your build at a safe distance from the forest.

Fire-Proofing Your Builds

To prevent future fires, you should take some precautions and fireproof your builds.

Water works wonders when preventing fires. If you accidentally step into a firepit, you can quickly jump into a body of water. This can get rid of all the flames, so you won't risk spreading them.

There are a few ways to prevent fires from spreading to your house. First, building with non-wood materials can eliminate the risk of your house bursting into flames. With a stone structure, fire will have nothing to burn.

Lastly, you can prevent fires from lightning by using a lightning rod. Lightning rods can be placed directly on or around your structure to mitigate any potential lightning strikes. If you have a bigger structure, you can place several lightning rods around your build.

That's all there is to know about preventing and putting out fires! Overall, don't forget to make a few fire whackers; this simple tool will prove to be very helpful.

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