Immortals Fenyx Rising: 10 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Playing

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a beautiful-looking action-adventure title. While the game isn’t groundbreaking in any way, it still pleases a wide array of gamers for its lighthearted nature and incredibly fun gameplay. Those who have played a ton of Ubisoft games in the past will find the gameplay of Immortals Fenyx Rising familiar and that does not discredit it in any way at all.

While there isn’t technically a “wrong” way to play Immortals Fenyx Rising, there are certain things that will surely ruin a playthrough if you do them constantly, from beginning to end. These can be considered “rookie” mistakes and these are things you should definitely avoid if you want to fully enjoy this game.

10 Not Using Far Sight Enough

Immortal Fenyx Rising’s Far Sight mechanic is something a lot of players will find familiar if they’ve played a lot of Ubisoft games. Be that as it may, this mechanic serves a very essential purpose in this game.

There are a ton of locations and collectibles in this game that are very tough to find. That’s where Far Sight can become useful. Neglecting to use this mechanic will likely cause you to miss a ton of powerful items and cool quests.

9 Not Checking Out The Heroic Tasks Board

Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board is a very decent way of earning a ton of rewards. In the game, there are four different types of tasks you can complete: exploration tasks, battle tasks, vault tasks, and myth challenges tasks. Completing these tasks will provide you with collectibles for upgrades and even different sets of armors.

It can be easy to neglect this part of the game, but aside from offering a ton of rewards, doing these tasks will also make the playthrough way more fun than it already is.

8 Thinking Godly Powers Are Only For Combat

Fenyx will eventually learn a handful of godly powers as the game progresses. At face value, it will seem like these powers can only be used for combat, but that’s just not the case at all. A lot of the powers that you’ll learn in the game can also be used for traversal and puzzle-solving.

For example, Hephaistos’ Hammer is a very good power to use when solving certain puzzles and Ares’ Wrath Godly Power will essentially give you the ability to triple jump, thus reaching higher platforms.

7 Settling For A Low Tier Mount

The mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising are as important as Fenyx’s wings. You will spend more time riding your horse than flying in this game. The starting mount you’ll be given will have unimpressive stamina. You might think it will cost a lot to earn a horse with high stamina, but that’s not the case at all.

Many of the legendary mounts in this game can be easily found. In fact, there’s even one in Clashing Rocks, the very first level of the game. Using these mounts will make the game’s exploration so much smoother, thus making your playthrough way more enjoyable.

6 Not Using The Coins Of Charon Properly

The Coins of Charon is a collectible in this game you will use to earn skills and godly powers. Initially, these coins are difficult to come by and you will need to exert extra time and effort to collect enough to earn the skills and powers you want.

With that in mind, be very careful with your usage of these coins. Remember, some skills and powers are way more useful than others, especially during the earlier stages of the game.

5 Not Doing Any Side Quests

Like many other open-world RPGs, Immortals Fenyx Rising is littered with side quests you can finish. Of course, it is completely possible to finish the game’s main campaign without doing a single side quest, but that would be a disservice to this brilliant game and to your overall experience.

A lot of the game’s side quests not only reward you with impressive items but also make this game’s world even more interesting.

4 Overusing And Under-Utilizing Fast Travel

The fast travel mechanic is pretty much a given in any open-world game at this point. Who has the time to manually travel each time you have to go from point A to point B, am I right? In all seriousness, in a game like Immortals Fenyx Rising, there’s a point where you have to realize when and when not to use the fast travel system.

Constantly fast traveling will cost you so many essential items. On the other hand, not fast traveling enough, or not knowing which the fast travel points are will only be a waste of precious time. Don’t use fast travel when there are areas between point A and point B that you haven’t explored yet. When you have to do missions, check if fast traveling is necessary. Remember, vaults will become fast travel points after you complete them.

3 Not Doing The Vaults

The Vaults of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising are very fun to do. They are filled with puzzles that will challenge your critical thinking, and they make the game as a whole way more fun. On top of that, they also contain rewards that will make you more efficient in this game.

This is also the best way to earn collectibles that will increase your stamina, which is essential in this game.

2 Not Doing The God’s Quests After Sending Them To The Hall Of Gods

The plot of this game is very simple: the Gods of Olympus have lost their grace and it’s your job to restore them. In the simplest form, that’s essentially what it is. In the main story, you’ll need to restore the graces of four Gods. Completing each one will return that god to their rightful place at the Hall of the Gods.

It is easy to believe that once a God reverts to its godly form and returns to the hall, you are ultimately done with them. However, these Gods still have a quest or two still in store for you. Be sure to do those quests for better items and a better understanding of this game’s world.

1 Not Picking Up The Departed Shade And Forbidden Labrys Early

There are a ton of weapons you can use in this game. Interestingly, a few of the best ones can be picked up very early in the game. These weapons are the Departed Shade and the Forbidden Labrys.

The Departed Shade is a sword that will give you a damage boost when you do a perfect dodge. The Forbidden Labrys is an axe that will do the same when you do a perfect parry. Equipping these two will make your Fenyx so much more powerful.

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