Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC: Guide to Obtaining All Relics in Ares’ Vaults

Immortals Fenyx Rising recently received its first batch of DLC — A New God, which challenges players with more difficult vaults that feature new puzzle mechanics and offers new abilities for players to master. There are six vaults for each of the four gods that were saved from the main game that players must complete as part of the storyline, and in each vault is an optional chest that holds a relic.

For those wanting to unlock the secret vault, which is part of Hermes’s “It belongs in a Museum… er… Pantheon!” side quest, they will need to obtain all 24 relics within Olympos. For those of you looking to discover where you can find all of the relics in Ares’s vaults, as well as how to solve the puzzles to reach them, we’ve got it all covered just below. Not all of the vaults are immediately accessible, but Ares will unlock more for you as you progress.

Trial of Rampage’s Initiation — Healing Salve of Panakeia

The Healing Salve of Panakeia is hidden in the Trial of Rampage’s Initiation and you’ll notice straight away that the beam of light that reveals the chest’s location is red instead of gold. This is because the chest is red and ghostly (locked) until you solve the required puzzle.

For this part of the vault, you’ll be maneuvering a ball into a recess to complete the main puzzle. However, instead of rolling it straight into the obvious recess to continue the level, push the ball behind the back of one of the buildings so that it is near the locked chest hidden on a higher ledge. The below image shows where the ball will drop out from once you have maneuvered it through the cages, then instead of bringing it into the foreground (where the recess awaits), follow the arrows to go behind that building to find the chest.

At the back of the building you should see the locked chest, and to the left of it, hidden behind a wall, is the other recess that will unlock it. Using the Improved Charged Hephaistos’s Hammer attack (hold down the button to charge the attack and Fenyx will do an animation to show the difference), hit the ball up onto the ledge where the treasure is, then jump up and then roll it along to the little recess there.

Once the ball is in the recess, you can grab your loot! Then you can simply move the ball back off the ledge and round to the main recess to finish the level. If for some reason you drop the ball into the air, you can respawn it where you originally obtained it.

Trial of Rage’s Initiation — Scourge of Nemesis

This is a nice easy optional chest to obtain. Don’t worry about trying to see where it is when you start the level, just head straight to the end of the vault, which is really straightforward as it is simply flying through the level making the most of the air ducts. Once you reach the end of the level, don’t open the final chest!

Instead, head to the back of that area and you will see the golden pillar indicating the optional chest. Simply jump/fly across the moving columns until you reach the chest and open it to receive the Scourge of Nemesis relic with no additional puzzle-solving necessary. Then fly back to the end of the level area, open the final chest and you’re done.

Trial of Mystery — Grapes of Dionysos

This chest is immediately above the starting section of the vault, so if you look up, you will see it. In the image above, the starting area is indicated by the white arrow, and you can see the golden beam of light coming from the building above, indicating the chest’s location. What you need to do is travel to the next area over from the starting building, which has columns and trees, as shown in the image below. You can find a hidden switch there (the glowing lights give it away). You can clear the trees to see it easier if you wish.

Hit the switch to make one of the floating blocks appear. You then need to jump on the block, then into the air, and use Herakles Strength to pull it towards you in mid-air. You should automatically cling to the side as it reaches you, so you can then climb on top and rinse and repeat. Keep doing this until you reach the upper area with the chest.

You need the block with you, so don’t just fly over. There is a heavyweight button that you have to put the block on in order to open the gates in front of the chest. As usual with these types of blocks, position the block above the button and then hit it so that it falls to the ground. Then you can run in and claim your Grapes of Dionysos relic. Don’t worry about the “second chest” shown to be in this vault (as there isn’t one at the end), it is a Godly Power upgrade reward that you will receive from Ares once you have left the vault.

Trial of War’s Initiation —Laurels of Nike

You will need to use the Wind Gust upgrade for the Ares’s Wrath Godly Power given earlier by Ares in order to reach the area in the Olympos where this trial is. Using a charged Ares’s Wrath attack on the fans will cause them to move, enabling you to make it across.

This optional chest is not immediately visible in this trial, and can actually be easily missed if you don’t know where to look, as the view of it is often obscured by other buildings. When you reach the area shown below, go to the left of the building with the Ares statues directly in front of you (on the left of the image), and move around until you see a small propeller.

Use a charged Ares’s Wrath attack on the propeller hidden there, as shown below, which will cause a platform to rise that you can fly to. Fly towards it and then quickly use a charged Ares’s Wrath on the next propeller, and rinse and repeat until you reach the area with the optional chest.

Head in and grab your Laurels of Nike relic, before using the well-placed jump vent platform to get back to the main trial to complete the final puzzles.

Ares’s Trial of Combat —Caduceus of Iris

As with the previous trial, you will need to use the Wind Gust upgrade for the Ares’s Wrath Godly Power given by Ares in order to reach the area in the Olympos where this trial is. You then need to solve a combined electricity and Phosphor’s Swap puzzle, so you will need to have earned the Phosphor’s Swap upgrade from Aphrodite.

Run the metal block over to the electric node that retains the current that is facing the gated area (the one furthest from it). You then want to place a clone in front of the gates, and then stand as close to the button as possible while retaining electrical charge, as shown above. Throw the charged brick towards the spherical node in front of the gates in order to unlock the button. Quickly step back onto the button to open the gates, then use Phosphor’s Swap to move in front of the gates and use Athena’s Dash to enter the area before the gates close again.

The optional chest in this vault is arguably far easier to get to than it was to access the vault in the first place. When you reach a jump vent, you will see the golden pillar of light indicating the optional chest to the left of the screen. Jump to the next area where a Cyclops is flinging bricks at you, and fly past him towards the platform with the lever, as shown below.

Pull the lever, which will summon several harpy enemies. Defeat all the harpies before the lever resets in order to open the gates to the optional chest. Fortunately, the gates remain open once this is accomplished, regardless of when the lever resets. Grab your Caduceus of Iris relic and then head back to where the Cyclops is to finish the trial.

Ares’s Trial of Blessing — Arrow of Artemis

This is Ares’s final challenge and you’ll notice soon enough that the beam of light indicating the optional chest location is placed at the end of the vault. Simply continue until the end of the trial, but do not exit it without the chest.

Once you reach the final building containing the trial exit, as shown above, go to the left where you will find two floating blocks and a button. The button simply respawns the boxes, just in case you lose them. But you need to use these two floating blocks to move your way up the building.

You can do this a few ways; such as climb on top of one and then pull/lift the other up, then move to that one and rinse and repeat — effectively creating stepping stones. Another way is to use one of the blocks, and jump up into the air and pull it towards you with your Strength of Herakles, as you will automatically cling to it when it reaches you. Keep doing this until you are high enough. Or for those wanting to do something a little different, you could place a clone on a block and then throw the block with clone up towards the top of the building.

You will reach another level, with a new button and two more blocks, as shown above. Once again, the button simply respawns the blocks in case you lose them. Do the same thing again with the two new blocks (or your current block if you wish) to reach the peak of the building, where you will find the optional chest waiting. Grab your Arrow of Artemis relic and then simply drop/glide back down to exit the trial. The “second chest” shown to be in this vault in the menu doesn’t actually exist, as your second reward will be Ares’s blessing once you leave the trial.

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