In Other Waters Brings An ASMR Experience To Video Games On The Nintendo Switch

Developer Jump Over The Age is getting ready to launch In Other Waters on PC and Nintendo Switch. They describe the game as a unique narrative adventure in an alien ocean. Players take on the role of Ellery Vas, who makes an effort to chart the mysteries of the turquoise depths of an alien ocean.

As a Xenobiologist, time is short as players seek to find their missing partner on the planet Gliese 677Cc. Players will have access to range of tools, though not everything is in great condition. A malfunctioning dive suit possessed by rather strange AI Unit helps Ellery discover alien life, with an overall goal of learning and discovery.

The developer goes on describe the overall feel of the game, stating that, “In Other Waters is like the ASMR of video games,” as players can freely dive into an expansive section of seafloor, from shimmering reefs to inky depths. Discover strange new life and catalogue each species to learn about a strange new ecosystem. Finally, players should plan each dive carefully, because there is so much to see and do that one can become lost in the alien seas.

In Other Waters releases April 3 on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Pre-orders are now live for both platforms with a 10% discount available until April 10.

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