Indie Developer Puppet Combo Is Working On "An Actual Survival Horror Game"

Indie developer Puppet Combo recently revealed that it’s currently working on a new horror game, which will apparently be “an actual survival horror game.”

Puppet Combo is a self-proclaimed “low budget triple-B horror game developer” with a taste for creating PlayStation 1-style “80’s inspired slasher terror” in particular. Previous titles from the developer which you might be familiar with include Murder House, Nun Massacre, and Babysitter Bloodbath.

Puppet Combo recently tweeted about this new survival horror game in the works, featuring “some super early combat” footage. Things look pretty basic at this point, with a trenchcoat-wearing character shooting up a creepy hooded creature whilst trapped in a small room that looks to be a surgery of some kind.

You’ll also notice that echoes of early Resident Evil and Silent Hill games are evident too, with those fixed third-person camera angles. Puppet Combo did also incorporate this feature in previous games like Murder House and Babysitter Bloodbath, so it looks like we can expect some similarities in this new game.

At this point, not much more is known about this game yet, besides for the fact that it’s “also about a plague,” according to Puppet Combo’s follow-up tweet about it. The shotgun-toting plague doctor now does make a bit more sense at least.

According to the tweet, Puppet Combo – which appears to be a one-person team – the monster we see was designed by Twitter user @Fleshsqueeze. According to the Puppet Combo Patreon page, the developer also looks to be expanding their team. It’s pretty incredible just how many games the developer already has to their name, so with a bigger team more good things would no doubt in the pipelines.

Despite being in a very early phase of development still, this unnamed game already looks awesome. It looks like a bleak, clinical, and gritty atmosphere is on the cards, and it will probably incorporate some of the classic 80’s slasher tropes you’ve probably come to expect from previous games by the developer.

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