Indigo Prophecy Gets A Physical Release From Limited Run

Indigo Prophecy is getting a physical release on the PS4 years after the port first arrived in 2016.

Quantic Dream now has quite the library of extremely unique and ground-breaking games, but the one that put them on the map was Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit, if you’re European). This game crossed so many boundaries that it’s not exaggerating to call it the Death Stranding of its day.

Originally released in 2005 for the PC, PS2, and Xbox, Indigo Prophecy was a third-person adventure slash thriller where the player investigates a supernatural force that was possessing people and turning them into killers. It featured motion capture (something that was very new to games at the time), branching storylines, and in-game events that were timed rather than triggered based on player actions.

Indigo Prophecy eventually received critical acclaim, several awards, and sold over 1 million copies.

In 2016, a remastered version was released for the PS4. The remaster was the “uncensored” version of the game which included several deleted scenes, including an interacting sex scene. It also featured widescreen support, higher resolution, and better textures.

Indigo Prophecy didn’t get a physical version when the remaster was released in 2016, but it’s getting one now thanks to Limited Run Games. Announced via their Twitter, Limited Run will start pre-sale of Indigo Prophecy starting on April 3 with the sale to run for four weeks. After that, they send orders to the printers and jewel cases get sent in the mail.

Limited Run is also putting out a sale for the remastered version of Blade Runner currently in development with Nightdive Studios. The remaster will feature widescreen support and updated graphics but will try to retain as much of the game’s original feel and sound as possible. Blade Runner will be out for PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this year, so Limited Run is making a physical version for both systems.

Since Nightdive isn’t sure when Blade Runner is going to be released, neither does Limited Run. Stay tuned for more details on when pre-orders will start.

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