Indivisible Gets New Game+, Couch Co-Op

Lab Zero Games has released a free update to their hit 2D RPG Indivisible, now available on all platforms. The update introduced two new game modes, “New Game+” and “Couch Co-Op”.

New Game+ allows players to replay Indivisible with whatever incarnations, abilities, and weapons previously acquired in their last game, which means that players can access secret areas and locations locked behind special abilities from the very beginning. Players also have access to the full roster of characters, but be warned! Enemies in New Game+ will be much tougher, and Lab Zero Games made a coy note of several twists they added to the game mode, though what those twists might include has yet to be revealed.

Couch Co-Op, on the other hand, enables local multiplayer and allows up to three other friends to join players on their campaign. Player 1 will always be Ajna, but your friends can choose whichever member of your party they want to be. Although Ajna has access to her usual platforming abilities, other players will have to make do with basic jumps. No need to worry about hanging back to let your friends keep up though; if other players are left behind, they will instantly be teleported to Ajna’s side! However, playing Indivisible with Couch Co-Op isn’t just about following Ajna around. Players will maintain full control of their incarnations once they enter a fight, and can move independently of Player 1 while exploring.

New Game+ can be accessed after downloading the update by looking for the “Game Clear” button. If the button can’t be found, replay the final challenge and finish watching the credits, even if you’ve previously completed the game. Once that’s done, players will be prompted to save their game into a save slot. A new button should appear in the save slot the next time the Load Game menu is opened, which allows New Game+ to begin!

Starting Couch Co-Op is simpler. Simply plug up to three controllers into your device, press an attack button, and get ready for some friendly bonding by ganging up to beat down on your enemies!

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