InnerSloth’s Party Game Among Us Reaches 1.5 Million Simultaneous Players

Among Us, an online and local party game set in space which was first released in 2018, has recently hit 1.5 million simultaneous players online, according to the game’s developers InnerSloth.

Unfortunately, the game’s popularity has been creating server problems for InnerSloth, an indie game company. Nonetheless, the team of three has asked fans to be patient, assuring them that they’re “slowly getting the hang of things.”

Among Us is about a spaceship crew prepping for takeoff that discovers that one of their members is an imposter who is secretly planning to murder them all. The objective is for the crewmates to win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the murderer off the ship. Meanwhile, the impostor can sabotage the other players to sow chaos and ensure easier kills and better alibis.

The game, which has been compared to Werewolf, is currently ranked third on Twitch with 145,638 viewers in the past week. Surprisingly, Among Us only trails Just Chatting and League of Legends and outranks Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. On Steam, the game is also doing well with a peak of 187,525 players today. However, the majority of the game’s 1.5 million players come from its free mobile version.

Among Us can host between four to 10 players and includes three different game maps, two aboard a spaceship and one on a planet. The game of deceit is not unnecessarily complicated and rounds only last 10 to 15 minutes. On social media, players have praised the game’s mechanics with some like @TheChillyPanda joking that Among Us is “the best way to ruin friendships.”

Beyond their most popular title Among Us, indie company InnerSloth has worked on other games, including The Henry Stickmin Collection. The six-game collection bundles all of the all the original choose-your-own-path games from the 2008 Stickpage/Newgrounds series created by InnerSloth’s own Marcus “Puffballs United” Bromander. The bundle includes both remastered games, which have been updated to widescreen and feature more realistic graphics, as well as a new title called Completing The Mission.

But for those who are looking for even more space adventures, InnerSloth has announced that they are currently working on Among Us 2, which could arrive as early as next year.

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