Insider Claims Skate 4 Playtesting Has Begun

Skate 4 was announced back in 2020 during an EA Play event. Since then, we've not heard very much at all – we don't even have a release window. But, according to an industry insider, playtesting for the hotly anticipated game has been going on for a while.

Tom Henderson teasingly asked who got into the Skate playtest this week on Twitter. Back in March he tweeted that people had reached out to him to confirm that playtesting for the game had been going on for months.

While evidence of playtesting suggests progress is being made on the game, we could still be a way off from its launch. The developer, Full Circle, is currently advertising for several roles on its website, including a social systems design lead, senior UX designer, and a senior game design lead. So, don't hold your breath hoping it'll be out anytime soon.

So, what are the people who are supposedly in the playtest saying about the game? One Twitter user said, "visuals are good, feels suprisingly more like Skate 2 than 3, the new tricks & mechanics they're introducing feel kinda off though. As if they haven't figured out the perfect controls yet."

Another person who claims to be part of the tests said, "the game feels very smooth," and another said it was "pretty good." So, if the game's in a playable state and can at least look pretty, we could get an in-engine trailer or similar update soon.

If these people are actually part of the playtest, they're almost certainly breaking an NDA of some sort to share their thoughts, but with the anonymity of Twitter, there probably won't be any repercussions for doing so.

Skate 3 was released all the way back in 2010 – feel old yet? – and fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting news of this latest entry into the iconic skateboarding series. Hopefully, we get more official news about it soon.

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