Irish Spring’s Gaming Shower Is Actually Real

We've all been there. Playing a game so good that we either don't realize how much time has passed, or we simply don't care. That can result in missing meals, forgetting you were supposed to be somewhere else, or worst of all, gradually kicking up a literal stink as you forgo taking a shower in favor of playing one more game, then another, and then one more after that. If only we could play from the comfort of our bathtubs.

Well, thanks to the creators of Irish Spring Body Wash, you sort of can. Irish Spring has created something it has dubbed The Irish Spring Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower. As you can see in the trailer below, it is quite literally a space-age bathtub that will scrub you clean without you needing to be AFK. It includes a plexiglass exterior, an actual gamer chair to sit in, and “will operate with a wash cycle featuring Irish Spring Body Wash, plus a massage,” apparently.

Irish Spring initially unveiled its Gaming Shower on April 1, resulting in absolutely everyone assuming it was a joke. However, one month later, Irish Spring has returned to assure us all it is anything but. A full trailer for the Gaming Shower can be seen below, in which it's revealed one in five gamers have admitted to skipping a shower in favor of squeezing in a little more game time. That appears to be a statistic from a legitimate survey, by the way.

So, the Gaming Shower does actually exist. There's even footage of streamer FaZe Santana using it. What remains unclear is how exactly this bizarre contraption works. Santana enters the wash pod fully clothed and the clip ends with bubbles forming around their legs. Should the bubbles be allowed to rise any higher than that, the gamer chair would presumably be ruined. It certainly doesn't look waterproof. Not to mention the controller Santana is using. The only thing that would be safe are the three monitors above their head.

At the end of the trailer, a QR code appears which you can scan to enter the Irish Spring sweepstakes. Doing so will give you the chance to win a four-day trip to DreamHack Dallas next month. The rundown of what will be on offer includes live music and LAN tournaments, but nothing on whether the Gaming Shower will be making an appearance. It will presumably be there for you to take for a test run as it doesn't appear to be for sale. If it's not, well, this whole thing is just as confusing as it was before this week's additional details were revealed.

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