Is Everyone Else Hearing This Goblin In Dragon’s Dogma Say "Who Let The Dogs Out"?

Dragon's Dogma fans all rejoiced last week when a sequel was finally announced at the tenth-anniversary celebration. Since the news, the original game has hit a six-year concurrent player high on Steam, and fans have been flocking to the subreddit to detail their latest escapades through the world of Gransys.

Dragon's Dogma is a fantasy JRGP made in the style of a Western RPG. That means goblins, castles, griffins, and, of course, dragons. However, it's one of the silly little goblins that has caught everyone's eye. Or ear, I should say.

Reddit user Mr_master89 is exploring one of the game's many caves when their pawn shouts, "Goblin!" They draw their large shield and take up a defensive stance behind it, when the goblin notices the party and has a shout of its own. Now, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm hearing, but why don't you have a listen for yourself first, just to be sure.

That goblin definitely said, "Who let the dogs out?" right? I'm not imagining that or hearing things am I? That's what the thing said. Wild. Now, this may just be a fun little easter egg, or it may be something much more. Let's investigate.

Who Let the Dogs Out is a song from 2000 by Baha Men. It doesn't refer to actual dogs, it means ugly women, it's rather rude. So, is that a phrase so ubiquitous these fantasy creatures use it, or does it mean the song somehow managed to transcend time and space and penetrate the universe Dragon's Dogma is set in?

Could this be like Planet of the Apes, where instead of being in the past or on a distant planet, Dragon's Dogma is actually just a glimpse into our world's future? A future where one of the only surviving pop culture references is the title of that song?

We may never know. What we do know is that goblin was being very rude and calling Mr_master and their party ugly. Savage.

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