Is FIFA 20 down? Virgin Media customers complain of FUT freezing server errors

Is FIFA 20 down this morning? Not quite, but it does appear as though a large portion of users appears to be having issues with the game currently.

On Friday night, EA's FIFA support account on Twitter, FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect) tweeted the following message:

"Hey folks, we're seeing that a specific ISP is currently causing unexpected behaviour in FUT. We're looking into contacting the ISP to see if we can help with the situation."

No further details regarding the 'specific Internet service provider' were shared but this morning it does seem as though reports are flaring up again.

Whilst it's not exactly hard science, DownDetector has registered an increase in reports this morning, most relating to 'server connection' issues.

There's been no further word from FIFA in the hours that followed their original message, but a larger proportion of reports appear to be coming from Virgin Media customers.

You can read a handful of the reports, just below:

"I'm on Virgin, in the North West. It was freezing yesterday, then it was ok in the evening, just gone back in to play a few games on Ultimate Team, freezing again."

"Been having issue since 6PM everytime I get on ultimate menu I get ce-34878-0 error. Apparently it's only with virgin media customers"

"Do you know why its virgin media customers? I have fibre? I can get on the app companion but still crashes out of ultimate team after 30 seconds and I get that above error message."

More to follow.

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