Is O2 network down? Calls and internet problems hit along with Tesco Mobile

Is there a problem with O2 this morning? It's not quite clear at the moment, but there appears to be something wrong.

Tesco Mobile calls and 4G network is down , that much we do though. And given that Tesco Mobile uses the O2 Network, it would make sense why there's also been a surge of reports indicating problems with O2 as well.

On the Independent website monitor, DownDetector, there's a massive surge in reports of 'Mobile phone' issues with the O2 network.

For those who do not know, DownDetector is an independent website which tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect outages across the globe.

So it's possible that the problems are just coming from Tesco Mobile customers complains.

But online there's also a large pool of people complaining just about O2.

"Is o2 down today or something I can’t make any phone calls?" one customer wrote

Another wrote "@O2 cant make calls out seems to be widespread problem according to down detector"

Whilst a third added: "@O2 why won’t my phone ring out? I’m just getting 3 beeps. I’ve reset my phone, turned aeroplane mode on etc and it’s still not working?"

It's possible that the problems might be impacting O2's own networks as well, but perhaps not as heavily as a traditional outage to the whole network.

Currently, O2 has not posted any direct communication regarding the complaints, but the customer reps are responding to individual complaints.

The advice ranges from checking the O2 website network guide, to DMing the customer reps with your full postcode so they can 'take a look'

More to follow.

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