It Takes Two: Snackosaurus Guide

One of the year’s most popular releases so far is It Takes Two. For the second week in a row, it’s dominating Steam sales charts. This cooperative-only experience follows the troubled couple May and Cody. After resigning their marriage and preparing for divorce, their daughter Rose wishes to save their relationship. Her wish transforms the pair into toys. They’ll have to work together to fix their relationship if they want to get their bodies back.

In addition to the game’s fantastic story, there’s a list of easy trophies ripe for completionists to hunt down. Most of these tasks won’t take too long to finish, but it can be hard to pinpoint what they want from the player base because of their cryptic descriptions. Follow our guides to cut the frustration out and figure out what these trophies really want you to do. Follow these instructions to earn the ‘Snackosaurus‘ trophy with ease.

Select The ‘Dino Land’ Checkpoint In Rose’s Room

As with each of the game’s cryptic achievements, players will have to head to specific areas to complete secret tasks. ‘Snackosaurus’ is no different. This trophy can be earned in Rose’s Room: the game’s longest chapter.

Those doubling back to collect trophies should select the Dino Land Section from the menu. If you’re a first-time player, you’ll need to keep playing the level until you’re given the option to take control of the dinosaurs shown above. Each player must guide one of these animals to progress through this area. Once you see these creatures and the scenery that accompanies them, it’ll be time to start working for the trophy.

Have Each Player Take Control Of A Dinosaur

After the game presents Cody and May with these prehistoric toys, players should separate and choose one each. One player will have to use the large green dinosaur to help guide the smaller red one through a maze. Make sure to give the player more comfortable with fine movements control of the larger beast, as they’ll need to be precise in this section.

Once each character controls their respective mount, travel up the maze’s first lift, using the green dinosaur to change the landscape. His bit allows him to move platforms with bones protruding from them while the red dino can move red platforms by smacking its tail.

After you make your way past the first lift, have the person controlling the red dinosaur walk over to the grass patch shown above. Instead of moving forward, stop and let the player controlling the green dinosaur make their way over. Once they are hovering over the red dinosaur, have them bite down on it. This will trigger an animation where the red dinosaur is eaten. The trophy should unlock for both players right after the animation starts. It doesn’t take multiple run-throughs, unlike several of the game’s other trophies. With this, you’re one step closer to 100% completion in It Takes Two.

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