It’s (Almost) GO Time With Pokémon GO’s new GO Beyond Update

It’s been four years since Niantic Labs released Pokémon GO building up a loyal worldwide fan base in the process. Today, the company has announced what’s set to be its biggest update yet, GO Beyond, adding some new and long-requested features.

The big one a lot of players will be glad to see is a rebalanced leveling system, allowing them to finally move past Level 40 and try to achieve Level 50. This won’t be an easy process of simply gaining XP, they’ll need to complete challenges for each level. For example to hit 41 they’ll need to “catch a high number of Pokémon in a single day, along with other tasks,” notes a blog posting.

If you’re not at Level 40 yet then Niantic Labs is adding some extra encouragement. Trainers who reach level 40 before the end of the year will be able to earn exclusive rewards like an an exclusive Gyarados Hat avatar item via Timed Research. If you’ve got some leveling up to do, a double Catch XP bonus going live today until 31st December should help.

Next up are new Pokémon GO events called ‘Seasons’. Just like real-world seasons, the in-game ones change every three months. Different Pokémon will appear much more regularly in the wild – also based on which hemisphere you’re in – and events will be seasonally themed. For the upcoming Season of Celebration in-game events will see Pokémon from different regions appearing.

Then there’s the new Gen 6 Pokémon. Hailing from the Kalos region, Pokémon such as Chepsin, Fennekin, Bunnelby, Talonflame and Pyroar will be appearing both in the wild and or by hatching Eggs. These will also be synced with the new Season.

Lastly, there are the 12 Days of Friendship which begins today. Friendship levels increase faster by opening Gifts, trading Pokémon, or battling together in raids, Gyms, or Trainer Battles. Additional quality of life improvements are to include encountering and catching Pokémon, Adventure Sync, Buddy Adventure, Field Research and Gifts.

The Pokémon GO updates in GO Beyond begin rolling out from 30th November for the levels, 1st December for Seasons and 2nd December for the Gen 6 Pokémon. For all the latest updates on the AR title, keep reading VRFocus.

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