It’s Been Three Months Since Cyberpunk 2077 Was Taken Off The PS Store

Almost three months later, Cyberpunk 2077 is still missing from the PlayStation store after it was removed by Sony.

To label CyberPunk 2077’s launch tumultuous would be quite the understatement. A series of delays resulted in Cyberpunk’s release taking place almost eight years after it was first announced. The most shocking part is after all that time, it became clear very quickly that the game still wasn’t ready. So unready, in fact, that Sony decided to delist it from the PlayStation Store.

The shocking action was exacted on December 18, 2020. Any late holiday shoppers hoping to pick up a copy in time for Christmas would have been left bitterly disappointed. It was an unprecedented move by Sony, and one Cyberpunk developer CD Projekt Red claims it was fully involved in. Three months later, and Cyberpunk is still unavailable to buy through the PS Store.

It’s assumed that once Sony deems the game has been fixed, or at least improved, it will return to PlayStation’s digital storefront. However, a patch that was scheduled to go live last month has been delayed due to the cyber attack on CDPR. Source code for some of the company’s games was stolen and has since been sold on the digital black market. Some of CDPR’s employees remain unable to work off the back of the attack.

The main issue, particularly when it comes to PlayStation, is the last-gen version of the game. It’s the version that has received the most complaints, and CDPR has even admitted it spent far less time working on it than it did the PC and current-gen versions of the game. A native current-gen version of the game is slated for release at some point in 2021.

It has been estimated that as many as two million Cyberpunk players have requested refunds, and most of those played the game on console. On the plus side for CDPR, at last count, it had sold more than 13 million copies. However, had it not been for the game’s endless list of problems, that number would have been so much higher. Here’s hoping we’re not reflecting on six months away from the PS Store three months from now.

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