Jakenbake Surprises Viewers With Impressive Mandarin Singing

Participating in an epic collaboration between Twitch streamers HAchubby, Velvet_7, and Charming_Jo, Jakenbake shocked friends and fans alike with his impressive Mandarin singing abilities. Simply put, the group of streamers decided to get together to sing some karaoke when suddenly Jake took the spotlight.

Following the melancholy piano introduction, Jake began singing and Hachu instantly responded with an amazed facial expression. The IRL-streamer tends to give off a goofy vibe, but he actually sang the full song in his second language, Chinese. It’s one thing to sing in a non-native language, but another thing entirely to actually sound good doing it. He over-emphasized some dramatic gestures throughout for comedic effect, but that didn’t stop viewers from noticing his hidden skill.

Many were quick to point out the melting pot of cultures featured in the short stream. For those unfamiliar with the musical team, Jake is an American who is currently living in Tokyo – fluent in both Chinese and Japanese. He takes his viewers around for IRL adventures, often landing himself in some interesting situations. The rest of the streamers present are all Korean.

The mastermind behind the collaboration was Hachu, the talented Twitch streamer behind the piano. Along with her other content, she is known for producing music from scratch on stream, creating multiple original raps from start to finish. Later in the broadcast, she showed off her ability to improvise on the piano – making up a melody as she went.

It isn’t easy to pull music out of thin air, but Hachu knows what she is doing on the keys. Additionally, the combination of Hachu’s piano skills and Jo’s stunning vocal abilities led to some pretty amazing results. One of the most impressive renditions produced by the pair was their cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” In terms of vocals, the song is very difficult to perform, yet the ridiculously talented Jo had no trouble going all-out.

Overall, the stream was incredibly entertaining; Viewers were left in awe after the group was done with the jam-session. The quartet managed to cover music of all genres, each member taking turns throughout the four-hour hang. They kept things silly, but their musical talent was evident nevertheless – particularly Hachu’s and Jo’s.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit

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