Japanese Sonic Frontiers Ad Reveals A November 8 Launch Date

Despite games that were supposed to be here in 2022 getting pushed to 2023 being par for the course, Sega continues to insist Sonic Frontiers will be here before the end of the year. Exactly when that will be may have just been confirmed a little ahead of time as a new ad for the next Sonic game includes a November 8 launch date.

The new trailer for Frontiers appears to have been quickly taken down, but Sonic fans have already seen what they needed to see. As you can see in the screenshot below, courtesy of Nibellion, the November 8, 2022, launch date was right there along with the platforms on which Frontiers will launch.

An accurate launch date leaking today certainly adds up. Sega has already promised blue blur fans will be getting another look at Frontiers later today during Gamescom's Opening Night Live. The teases from the studio have continued to come since that news was confirmed too. The last Frontiers ad that aired in Japan featured some new Sonic music, and a tweet from the official Sonic account hinted a new area will be shown off at Gamescom.

As Sega has continued to insist Frontiers will be here before the end of the year, there have been a number of pointers indicating when its launch date might be. Promo material suggested the open zone game will speed into stores on November 15. That date would actually make more sense than November 8. If the date in the trailer is accurate, that means Frontiers will launch on the same day as Skull And Bones, and just a day before God Of War Ragnarok.

Whether it's the 8th or the 15th, November is shaping up to be a very busy month. Pokemon already has the week after the one mentioned above reserved for Scarlet & Violet which launch on November 18. As for Sonic, even though most of us will have to wait until at least November to play Frontiers, Sega has already revealed the new game will be playable for those at EGX next month.

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