Job Ad Reveals Crytek Is Working On A New AAA-Game

Crytek isn’t counting on remastered versions of their Crysis series to keep the lights on, according to recently posted job listings. The company is working on a new, unannounced title, and they’re going on a hiring spree getting that game off the ground.

“We are looking for a passionate and experienced Game Designer to work on an unannounced AAA project in our Frankfurt, Germany based studio,” reads one job ad for a new game designer. No other details of the “unannounced AAA project” were revealed, but the listing did say that previous knowledge working on first-person shooters would be ideal.

The game designer would be “responsible for developing game concepts and systems that fulfill the vision of the Game Director and the Lead Game Designer.” Crytek is looking for two or more years of experience and at least one shipped AAA title on either PC or console. The rest is the usual request for a strong passion for gaming, deep knowledge of game design, and efficiency with documentation and communication.

Naturally, a big mark in the plus column would be previous experience working in Crytek’s CryEngine.

Since the winning candidate would be working in Frankfurt, free German lessons are an included perk even though the company itself operates in English. There’s also free public transport, relocation support, and a company apartment for the first few months.

Other than this unannounced project being a first-person shooter, the only other clues we have for this unknown game come from a high-profile hack from a few months ago. A hacker group penetrated Crytek’s internal systems and walked away with quite a few confidential documents, with one post on Reddit detailing plans for remastered versions of both Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.

There’s also documentation that says Crysis VR would be a sandbox open-world VR title in the Crysis universe, and Crysis Next as a 100-player battle royale game. Any of these titles could be for these new job listings, which also include level designer, systems designer, and technical director.

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