Justin Roiland Knew High On Life Would Be A "Polarising" Game

High On Life is definitely not a game for everyone. Although the game about talking butt guns has a 90 percent approval rating from Steam reviews, its critical reception has been decidedly mixed. The humor definitely did not land with our own Stacey Henley, who described High On Life as a string of meaningless arguments "where only one out of every four lines is even a joke, and then one out of every eight lands."

This polarised reception came as no surprise to Squanch Games founder and High On Life co-creator Justin Roiland. In a recent interview with Xbox’s director of programming Larry Hryb, he said he knew from the start that you were either going to love or hate High On Life.

"We knew this was going to be a polarizing game," Roiland said. "We’ve known that for a long time. There are going to be people who love this thing and then there are going to be people who just hate it, for the same reasons the people that love it love it. But it was really about what games do we love, and what do I really wish existed right now, as a gamer."

Although critically lukewarm, High On Life has definitely been commercially successful. The game shot to the top of the Game Pass rankings just days after its release, making it most likely the biggest Game Pass release of 2022. Roiland said later on in the interview that being on Game Pass was a calculated decision based on his own research.

"Before we decided to pull the trigger on it, I spoke with a handful of other studio folks who did Game Pass," Roiland explained. "And I ultimately came to the conclusion based off of what I had heard that it is a value-add. Because essentially, there's a lot of people that would otherwise not have picked up the game played it."

Seems like he was right, based on those Game Pass figures. High On Life is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Game Pass.

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