Kazuma Kiryu Might Curbstomp His Way Into Sega Heroes

It looks like another one of Sega’s all-stars will be making his way to Sega Heroes in the near future, as a recent trailer featured none other than Yakuza protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. The Yakuza hero will join other Sega characters in the mobile matching game, which features multiple characters from numerous Sega properties over the years. With the Yakuza franchise continuing to grow, it was only a matter of time before the Dragon of Dojima made an appearance.

Fans of the popular Yakuza series will soon have the chance to play Kiryu, as his cameo appearance in the latest tweet from the Sega Heroes twitter indicates he’ll be in the game sooner rather than later. Considering how many of Sega’s franchises are represented, even characters from Crazy Taxi are in there, Yakuza getting some representation is long overdue.


The series has a dearth of memorable characters outside Kazuma Kiryu. Kiryu’s adoptive daughter Haruka, pestering rival Goro Majima, or new series lead Ichiban Kasuga can all lend a mature twist to the otherwise cartoony cast of the puzzler. For a series that has been running strong for the last 15 years, putting in just one character would be a disservice to the franchise. Fans reacted positively to the teaser, and should be happy to hear more news as they speculate if any other characters from the series will also appear.

It is nice that Kiryu is getting some love for a change. The Yakuza lead was at one time the most requested guest character to be included in Tekken 7, which is still being discussed by fans of both games even now as Tekken 7 continues its run as a premier esports fighting game. With the series transitioning away from Kiryu as a lead character to Kasuga, it is nice that Sega is honoring their modern classic franchise in the mobile title.

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