Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Launches On Steam September 27 Alongside New Content Update

Ember Lab's debut adventure game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Steam on September 27 after spending one year as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. Upon arrival on Steam, the game will also receive a free content update across all platforms.

The Kena development team has revealed details about a major Anniversary Update coming for free in just a month. Players will get a New Game Plus mode, an additional Spirit Guide Trials mode with unique rewards, as well as other welcome bonuses like extra outfits and accessibility features (thanks, IGN).

The New Game Plus mode will allow you to restart Kena's adventure with all the previously acquired items, special abilities, and outfits. What's more, all your gathered Rot from the previous journey will also transfer to the new run. As you might expect, the game will offer even more challenging combat encounters in return, so it probably won't be too breezy considering how unexpectedly hard Kena's combat might feel.

Another brand-new game mode known as Spirit Guide Trials is also on the table, providing skilled players with a variety of replayable challenges in three categories. You can test out your traversal and battle skills, as well as your understanding of bosses and their weaknesses. If you're good enough to clear them, you'll get unique outfits for Kena and new items known as Charmstones. Those collectibles can be equipped at any time and grant extra bonuses to the character's stats and abilities.

Other upcoming additions include an exclusive new outfit for Kena available for Deluxe Edition owners only, improved accessibility features (although there's not much more known about them for now), and minor quality of life improvements and fixes.

Originally, Kena: Bridge of Spirits launched across PlayStation consoles and EGS on September 21 last year, and gathered very positive reviews from critics and players alike. So if you ever wanted to play a Disney/Pixar animation movie coming alive, September 27 should be marked in your calendar straight away.

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