Kingdom Hearts 3 Confirms That Monsters, Inc Employees Are Paid Very Little

The Kingdom Hearts series is known for its itty bitty details, and two years after the release of KH3, fans are still finding subtle pieces of information throughout each world. One such fan discovered recently that in Monsters, Inc that minimum wage is a measly 4.75.

Kingdom Hearts YouTuber PlayStacin spotted this curiosity while exploring Monstropolis. If you look at one of the Laugh Floor offices, there’s a notice mentioning the Monster Occupational Safety and Hazards of the job. Monsters, Inc warns its employees of laughter, electrical, radiation, extreme heat, poison, and fire hazards throughout the factory.

If you look further down the picture, you can see the “maximum labor minimum wage” at a scary 4.75 an hour. If we equate that to American dollars, it’s such a low amount for a worker who has to experience so much danger during the day. Yes, this is fictional but if there’s any chance of a code 2319, the workers should be paid far more than they’re earning! The common belief in Monstropolis society probably still sees children as hazardous.

Perhaps, as Sully and Mike have recently been made owners of the energy plant, there will be changes that are being made to society’s view on children and its minimum wage. As you look for those lucky emblems, perhaps you’ll see more references to Monstropolis’ fragile society. By the way, if you take a glimpse of this world’s keyblade Happy Gear, the keychain has a little Boo monster.

There’s also a strange Space Invaders reference in The Caribbean that you can check out in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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