Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Remove 5 Beast-Base Wanted Posters In The Beast Pack’s Final Stand

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Kirby And The Forgotten Land has a bunch of additional objectives in each level which you'll need to finish if you want to reach 100 percent completion and hunt down every Waddle Dee. In the final non-boss level of the game, The Beast Pack's Final Stand, players will need to find and remove five wanted posters.

These charming amateur illustrations of Kirby on posters can be found throughout this extra-long level. But, due to the camera angles, some of these posters can be a little bit tricky to spot on your first time through. Follow our visual guide below to get rid of all the wanted posters and clear Kirby's name!

The First Poster

The first of the posters can be found shortly after descending the long ladder at the beginning of the level and entering this magma-filled area. As you're being bombarded by volcanic meteors, you'll notice this wanted poster in plain sight. Be sure to be quick in cutting it down so you don't get hit.

The Second Poster

A while after finding the first poster, you'll eventually find yourself in this room with a purple goo monster in the center. The second poster is positioned so that it blends in fairly well with the diagonal wall to the right of where you enter. You'll need to jump to cut or hit this poster with a projectile.

The Third Poster

The third wanted poster can be found in the section of the level depicted in the screenshot above, hanging off the edge of a broken pathway. It's in a slightly precarious position above some lava, so the easiest way to get to it is to copy the tornado ability from a nearby enemy and fly across to hit the poster then jump upwards onto the ledge above.

The Fourth Poster

The fourth wanted poster can be found just before embarking on the boat for the water-filled section of the level. Make sure to knock down this poster on the dock pictured above before getting onto the boat.

The Fifth Poster

The fifth wanted poster in this level can be found just in front of the concrete-encased snapping turtle towards the end of the level. Jump over the turtle and get the cone behind it to transform into mouthful mode. You can then use this to spike downwards and defeat the turtle, which will make it easier to get the poster down.

After cutting down the final poster, this secret objective will be fulfilled and ticked off in the level's mission list.

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