Koch Media Announces "Koch Primetime" Livestream For Summer Gaming Fest

Koch Media, the owners of Deep Silver and therefore Saints Row, Dead Island and Maneater, is hosting a live stream for Summer Game Fest called Koch Primetime.

The event was announced via the Summer Game Fest Twitter account, which revealed that Koch Primetime will debut on June 11 and will air at 12:00 AM PT/ 3 PM ET/ 8 PM BST.

Koch Media has several different games and franchises underneath it that could potentially show up at the live stream, although there are a few safe bets for games that will be included.

The biggest game that Koch Media currently has in development is the next entry into the Saints Row franchise, which we have heard nothing about aside from the fact that news was supposed to be revealed last year and that the game is still in development. Considering how big Saints Row is, and how long it’s been since Saints Row 4, it’s very likely that we’ll see the next Saints Row game in this live stream if it’s not announced somewhere else.

One game that would make a pretty big splash at the event is Dead Island 2, which was originally announced back in 2014 and has been in a state of development hell since. It’s been reconfirmed numerous times that the game is still in active development, so a big re-reveal would make sense here.

Maneater is another title that we’ll likely see more of during the live stream, as a new DLC pack was recently announced for the game. The surprising success of that game will likely result in a sequel, although it’s a bit early for any kind of announcement on that.

Koch Media also owns Flying Wild Hogs, the developers of Shadow Warrior. This means that Shadow Warrior 3 is another safe bet, and will likely get a gameplay demo at the event.

One thing you shouldn’t expect at the event is anything Timesplitters related. Free Radical has been reformed under Deep Silver, but that is still very early in development and we likely won’t see anything until 2022 at the absolute earliest.

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