Last-Second Ghost Recon Breakpoint Delay Infuriates Players

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s latest patch has been delayed, and players are furious that it was announced at the last second.

Breakpoint is having a rough time of things. The game didn’t sell nearly as well as Ubisoft was expecting, given how well Ghost Recon: Wildlands performed, and the players are fed up. A recent survey revealed exactly what’s wrong with Breakpoint, ranging from bugs and technical glitches to deep flaws in the game’s core systems.

Players have also been asking for more content to shore up the game’s thin plot. Ubisoft had promised to bring a brand new “immersive mode” along with a new Engineer Class by the end of February, but now it looks like they’re going to miss their own self-imposed deadline.

In a blog post on Ubisoft’s website, the French developer announced that the February title update will be delayed.

“After careful consideration by our development team, we have decided to move their release,” wrote Ubisoft, explaining that the “complexity of integrating this new mode has proven to be a challenge.” The delay is intended to ensure that immersive mode is as polished as players are expecting.

No release date has been provided other than later in Spring. Episode 2 content and the Engineer Class will also be released at the same time.

After news of the delay hit the Ghost Recon subreddit, players went into an uproar. Many players responded with angry posts, while others compared Breakpoint to Anthem, another deeply disappointing game from a major publisher.

Still others responded in a more constructive way: by creating hilarious memes.

One thankful Redditor was grateful to the Ghost Recon community for warning him away from Breakpoint and instead, directing him to Wildlands Ultimate Edition.

Ubisoft seems aware that players are upset not just because of the delay but also due to the lack of transparency in their communication. “We apologize for that and will be providing details on these upcoming additions starting early next month.”

Ubisoft says to look for their next update on March 5th. Until then, maybe try Wildlands Ultimate Edition. It seems that at least one Ghost Recon fan is enjoying it.

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