Leak Claims Elden Ring Will Return To Souls’ Class And PvP Roots

Elden Ring is shaping up to be the Dark Souls 4 that fans have been asking for since 2016, and the swirling leaks behind closed doors are only adding to that sentiment. A leaker has now claimed that Elden Ring will return to Souls’ class and PvP systems.

For context, if you haven’t played “the best PlayStation launch game ever,” Demon’s Souls or its spiritual successor Dark Souls, starting up the game has you select a class from a list. These various options change stats as well as starting gear – for instance, the Brigand gets a nifty axe and a Spider shield, but Deprived starts in a loincloth with a big ol’ club. There’s a variety there, with a gift to boot, and the option for challenge.

Naturally, Sekiro dropped this with its more simplistic, pre-ordained beginning. Bloodborne still had ‘classes’ in that they altered stats but weapon selection was done after the fact. Elden Ring is allegedly going to return back to Souls’ style which is to have a selection of classes that change your weapons, armor, and stats right from the get-go in the character creator.

Each class doesn’t determine how you play going forward, either, as you can still level stats to build up to a key playstyle you prefer, but you might get an edge if you pick Sorcerer and want to go into magic since that begins with higher intelligence. Likewise, you may want a beefy Zweihander from the get-go, so you’d choose something such as Knight to get that strength boost, but then you can always shift in the direction of faith for some miracles.

It appears as though Elden Ring is following this route, and the leaker goes a step further as to say that the game will feature a weather system. What this will entail is unclear – as you traversed through Dark Souls 3, each step altered the weather and the sun, until a bleeding Dark Sigil scorched the sky. It could be akin to that, or it could be far more dynamic, but alas, Elden Ring appears to have been hit with COVID-19 delays, so we’ll have to wait for a touch longer to find out.

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