Leaked Last Of Us Part 2 footage floods YouTube but no plans for digital release

The Last Of Us Part 2 delay has led to leaked gameplay and high demands for a digital-only release and demo.

It’s always disappointing when a high-profile game is delayed, but The Last Of Us Part 2’s delay is particularly bad. Originally scheduled to release next month, the coronavirus pandemic has forced Sony to push it back indefinitely, meaning we don’t even know if it will come out this year.

Not long after, two videos of unseen footage leaked online and were quickly discovered by eager fans. The original videos have since been taken down, unsurprisingly, and Sony has been targeting mirrors of the footage as well, trying to remove it from the Internet completely (so our YouTube links here may well be gone by the time you read this).

We still have the details of what the footage contained, but they didn’t seem to spoil anything major from the game, as they just showed the characters Ellie and Dina riding horses while having a chat about a movie series, and what appeared to be a mini-game where Ellie plays the guitar.


Some new screenshots have also been shared online and, again, don’t reveal an awful lot, only showing how strong the game’s visuals are.

The delay has led to many fans desperately asking that Sony and/or Naughty Dog release a public demo to tide them over. In an episode of The PlayStation BlogCast, transcribed by Twinfinite, director Neil Druckmann explained that releasing a demo isn’t as easy as it seems, and that the team would rather focus on finishing up the game.

‘It’s almost like you’d be starting from scratch to build that demo, and that’s a massive amount of work that we don’t want to put our team through. We’d rather put our focus on finishing the actual game and getting it to people.’

He added that they couldn’t just release the press demo since it was outdated and ‘not a great representation of where the game is.’

Druckmann also talked about the possibility of a digital-only release, but refused to be drawn on whether it would happen.

‘We’re right now looking at all sorts of options. What is the best way to get it to all of our fans as soon as possible, but that’s gonna take time for us to shift and figure things out and also see where the world is at. Things are changing from day to day.’

The Last Of Us Part 2 will release on PlayStation 4.


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