Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Cantonica Side Missions

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The world of Cantonica was introduced as an example of the great disparity in wealth that exists among the planets in the Star Wars universe. Its most iconic location is the casino on Canto Bight where Finn and Rose try to meet the master codebreaker. All of this is on display in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga as well.

You will find a bougie remedy for the casino’s lounge singer, help rescue the codebreaker from the stables, and, horrifyingly, even hunt down Sy Snookie in order to force her into working for a Hutt. This guide is here to assist you in completing all of these missions during your stay in Canto Bight.


#Point Of Interest
1Sir Gonkington III
2Mama The Hutt
3Ubbla Mollbro
4Ewok Doctor

Cantonica consists of three primary areas: Canto Bight, which is where two of the four quest givers are located, the casino, where the third quest giver is found, and in Cantonica space, the location of the final side mission and quest giver. Additionally, one of the quests will take you to Endor, so we have provided a map for it as well (so that you can more quickly locate the Ewok Doctor). This is definitely one of the more straightforward areas in the game, so it shouldn't prove to be too difficult to navigate.

Gonk And Circumstance

LocationCanto Bight (East Side)
RequirementTravel to Cantonica – Canto Bight
RewardMaster Codebreaker

In the eastern section of Canto Bight you can find Sir Gonkington III. He needs an escort on his way to breaking out the expert Code Breaker. Naturally, this means following Sir Gonkington and dispatching any goons that come your way. You will have to fight three waves of thugs. Once you beat them all, you will arrive at the stables and free the Expert Codebreaker. As a reward, you will acquire the Codebreaker himself.

Silencing Snootles

LocationCanto Bight (North Side)
RequirementTravel to Cantonica – Canto Bight

Travel to Coruscant – Uscru District

RewardMama The Hutt

In the northmost section of the Canto Bight map, just to the right of the casino entrance, you will find Mama The Hutt. Mama The Hutt wants you to track down Sy Snootles who she feels has disrespected her family. Head into the lounge section of the casino. You will be told that she stormed off to Coruscant. So, off to the Coruscant's Uscru District we go. Once you arrive, follow the quest marker. Talk to the gentleman it leads you to; he will tell you where Sy Snootles is. Now, follow the next quest marker and you will catch up to Sy.

Snootles isn’t interested in being taken to Mama The Hutt and will make a run for it. So, shoot her in the back until she stops. Then capture her and send her back to Canto Bight. You can now return as well. Talk to Mama The Hutt and you will complete the mission. As a reward for assaulting and kidnapping Sy Snootles, you will receive Mama The Hutt herself. You deserve each other.

Ubbla The Weather

LocationCanto Bight – Casino
RequirementComplete "Episode VIII – The Last Jedi" Travel to Endor – Ewok Village
RewardKyber Brick, Ubbla Mollbro

Head into the Canto Bight casino and head all the way to the back. In the northeast corner you will find the dazzling Ubbla Mollbro. She has come down with a cough and needs you to head over to the Ewok Village in Endor to acquire a special remedy for her.

Once you arrive in the Ewok Village there will be a number of quest markers. Most of them are just Ewoks ignorant in the way of medicine. Work your way to the center and enter a hut. You will find the Ewok doctor. Unfortunately, they are all out of the remedy, so you need to go collect sap from trees. Most of the sap is dripping down from trees right outside the doctor’s hut, but there is a single bit of sap that you need to collect way down on the fourth level. As long as you follow the quest markers you will be fine. Take the sap back to the doctor and claim your remedy.

Now, on the way back to Canto Bight you will be attacked by two waves of bounty hunters looking to steal your tree sap remedy. Fight them off. You will arrive in Canto Bight. Now, return to Ubbla, give her the remedy, and you will have officially completed this side mission. As a reward, you will gain access to Ubbla Mollbro herself.

First Order The Worst Order


LocationCantonica Space
RequirementTravel to Cantonica – Space
RewardFirst Order Special Forces Fighter Pilot

Encounter a droid floating around in Cantonica Space. They want you to follow them and help fight The First Order. Follow the droid into a skirmish with the First Order. Once you destroy all the first order ships the mission will be over. There really isn’t much to this one. You will be rewarded with the First Order Special Forces Fighter Pilot.

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