LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Challenges In Every Episode 8 Level

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  • Dameron’s Defiance
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The Last Jedi is the penultimate episode in the third Star Wars trilogy. Which, naturally, makes it the penultimate episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. You will perform bombing runs on the mighty Dreadnought, fight the fierce Captain Phasma, and battle against a brigade of Praetorian Guards.

Everything from how to sneak into the guard shack undetected, to how to force Kylo to restrain you, to how to inflict damage on Captain Phasma in nine unique ways will be discussed. This episode has some of the trickier challenges in the game, but all the solutions will be revealed in this guide.

Dameron’s Defiance

Challenge NameDescription
Ace PilotComplete the level without being defeated.
How’s My Shooting?Destroy 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds.
Return to SenderDefeat 3 TIE Barons using Proton Torpedoes.

In Dameron’s Defiance, you are going to want to start by just destroying everything on the deck of the Dreadnought. This is good for studs, but it is also good for clearing the playfield of dangers. Then, focus on fighting clusters of TIE Fighters. Fly away, circle back around, and fire on a bunch of them all at once. This will quickly complete the “How’s My Shooting” challenge.

In the third phase of the fight, you will have the opportunity to destroy certain ships to obtain Proton Torpedoes. Those ships are TIE Barons. Once, just destroy three of them with Proton Torpedoes (after you have stockpiled a few) and you will complete the “Return to Sender” challenge.

The last challenge can actually be a tad tricky. In the third phase, you can get pretty heavily swarmed, which can result in a death. Just keep an eye on your shield; once it is depleted, disengage and let your shield regenerate. If you play a tad more conservatively you should be able to complete the “Ace Pilot” challenge as well.

As with most vehicle missions in the game, it isn’t hard to come by a ton of studs. As long as you aren’t ignoring those stud rings, you should easily hit 40,000 studs and get the True Jedi achievement. If you are struggling, there are a bunch of studs on the underbelly of the Dreadnought. Go grab those.

Master Codebreak-Out

Challenge NameDescription
Isn’t it Ironic?Lock a guard in a cell.
Prison BreakEnter the guard room undetected.
Guards DownDefeat 8 guards during the jailbreak.

Off the top, travel around the core cells that are clustered around the wall that is shared with the central guard hub. Open those cells using switches, destroying everything inside. Eventually, you will find one that will allow you to build decoy versions of Finn and Rose. Drag it up to the window that looks into the guard quarters. Two guards will rush out and into the cell, then pull the switch beside it and lock them in. This will complete the “Isn’t it Ironic” challenge.

One of those same cells will also have a gonk droid. Ride it to the gonk droid plate on the outer wall (there is only one of them) and park it there. This will open up a cell that has a prison guard statue in it. Drag the statue in front of the guard door, and press the identification button. This will open the door and complete the “Prison Break” challenge.

After you destroy the generator, go around fighting guards. You need to defeat eight of them to complete the “Guards Down” challenge, but feel free to bop a ton of them and run your combo counter up sky-high. It is an easy way to earn the last few studs you need, and you only need 59,000 to get the True Jedi achievement.

No Snoke Without Fire

Challenge NameDescription
You’re Embarrassing Me!Have Kylo restrain Rey three times.
Supreme Loser Defeat all of the Praetorian Guards within 5 minutes
Total DestructionKnock a Praetorian Guard down a shaft.

Start this stage by switching to Rey and attacking random Stormtroopers. After you get a few hits in, Kylo will restrain you with the force. Do this three times and you will complete the “You’re Embarrassing Me!” challenge.

When you get to the Praetorian guards, fight them near the open shafts. Whenever they hop away, keep near the shaft, and wait for them to come back to you. Just keep their backs to the shaft at all times and eventually, you will shove one of them in and complete the “Total Destruction” challenge.

As for the time limit, five minutes is more than enough time. Just hammer away and you will accomplish the “Supreme Loser” challenge without breaking a sweat. Something that is more difficult to achieve is the True Jedi achievement. You will want to destroy everything lining the walls, enter every room and clear out the junk, and just generally leave no stone unturned.

While walking down the hallway with Kylo you should be hammering the force power button and everything should be exploding around you. You need 90,000 studs for the achievement, so don’t enter the elevator at the end with anything less than 80,000 (the rest you can earn by building up your combo meter fighting the Praetorian guards).

Chrome Dome Down

Challenge NameDescription
Heads Up, Chrome Dome! Find a way to drop a TIE Interceptor on top of Captain Phasma.
Phasma-tastic!Inflict damage on Captain Phasma in 9 unique ways.
Trouble UnderfootTrample 10 Stormtroopers in the AT-ST.

Here the primary goal is to defeat Phasma in nine different ways. Start by dropping the TIE Interceptor on her head by shooting the target on it when it hovers above her (it is the ship with the more angular wings). This will earn you the “Heads Up, Chrome Dome!” achievement. From there, shoot her with the giant net cannon (you will have to assemble the pieces). Then, go to the left of her and roll the giant bomb into the hole in front of her. Now she will jump to the left.

Here, you will want to hack the terminal to your left, which will send a TIE Fighter at Phasma. Then, use an Imperial grenade to blow up the silver bars protecting the weak point on Phasma’s platform; once the bars are gone, shoot the exposed glowing red bar. Lastly, shoot her with the turret. This will transition you to her third phase.

Open up the Imperial weapon locker on the right, get the mini-gun and shoot her with it. Then go grab the single charged battery (it is on the right side of the screen), and place it in the terminal beside it. This will cause the assembly line to start moving. Drop another vehicle on her head (similar to the first round). Finally, turn on the giant turbine on the right side and finish Phasma off. After all this, you will complete the “Phasma-tastic” challenge.

When you get into the AT-ST just stomp on ten Stormtroopers. This will complete the “Trouble Underfoot” challenge. In order to get the True Jedi achievement just blow everything up while piloting the AT-ST. You can easily double the required 50,000 studs.

Ground A-Salt

Challenge NameDescription
I Can Dig it! Punch your way through the crystal caves.
Knock-Knock! Discover the wind-up MSE droid to destroy the emergency doorway.
Tight SqueezeDiscover a shortcut via the Protocol Terminal.

In order to complete all the challenges in this stage, you will be required to take all three paths to the exit. For the first path, you need to build a vehicle that can punch through a crystal tunnel. You will find a gonk droid stored away on a shelf. Jump on the nearby buttons to get him down. Now, drive him onto the nearby power plate. After you do this, destroy the junk in front of the vehicle. Then, use the parts to build the boxing glove attachment. This will complete the “I Can Dig It!” challenge.

Next, backtrack to before the path that leads into the room with the crystalline tunnel and take the other path to a room with stairs. Climb the stairs and have a hero unit use the terminal, unlocking a cart. Push the cart over the edge. Build the detonator using the junk from the cart. Now, pull the switch and blow the debris up.

Continuing forward you will find a giant door. Take the elevatory on the left to get to the second level of this room. Use a grappling hook to straighten the crooked ladder. Then, use a hero unit on the terminal. A giant claw will crush the container down below. Build a vehicle from the debris and use a character with a grappling hook to yank the grapple point, sending it careening at the door. This will complete the “Knock-Knock” challenge.

Lastly, you will have to come back in free-play mode and use a protocol droid to take a secret passage. The protocol droid terminal that will open the tunnel is in the same room as the one that had the cart that you had to push over the edge. After you travel through the tunnel you will complete the “Tight Squeeze” challenge.

The 110,000 studs required for the True Jedi achievement can be a little tight. However, if you shoot everything on all three paths you will be able to handily reach that goal. Just be diligent and you should be fine.

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