Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All D’Qar Side Missions

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D'Qar is the home to the rebel military base seen in The Force Awakens. The resistance headquarters in The Force Awakens was run by the iconic Leia Organa. While it is still home to the rebels in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, it is now chiefly operated by Kaydel Connix. Close enough.

During your stay on D'Qar you will be finding lazy workers, locating missing star maps, and leading a rescue of a rebel battalion. While these are some of the more straightforward side missions in the game, there are literal riddles involved, so a guide isn't the worst thing to have in the world.


#Point Of Interest
3Missing Worker
4Kaydel Connix
5"Signal Dish" Riddle Solution
6"Wood" Riddle Solution
7"Sick Treatment" Riddle Solution
8"Engine Breakdown" Riddle Solution

The Resistance Base on D'Qar consists of two primary areas with a number of sub-areas. The Resistance Base itself has two floors, but all the side mission solving will be done on the first floor. There are a few side rooms you will enter in and out of, but these rooms tend to funnel you directly to the item of note. So, the focus here is solely on that first level of the Resistance Base.


LocationResistance Base (Center)
RequirementComplete "Episode VII – The Force Awakens"

Travel to D'Qar – Resistance Base

Travel to Takodana – Maz's Castle


Go to the center of the map. There you will find R2-KT. KT has some concerning news, there is an entrenched battalion of rebel soldiers on Takodana. Take the missions and fly to Maz’s Castle in Takodana. Run to the quest marker and you will find the rebel unit under fire. Help fight off the waves of Stormtroopers. Once you have beaten them all back, you can talk to R2-KT to conclude the mission. You will acquire R2-KT as a reward for all your hard work.

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Box

LocationResistance Base (North West)
RequirementComplete "Episode VII – The Force Awakens"

Complete "Episode VIII – The Last Jedi"

Travel to D'Qar – Resistance Base


Talk to R2-Q5. It wants you to locate a missing worker. You will be shown a hologram of a man holding a wrench. Your quest marker will lead you to a fairly sizable search area. One of the rebel soldiers will tell you that she knows exactly where he is, and will point you in the direction of a bunker. Now, head over to the bunker (your quest marker will now take you to it).

The doors to the bunker are securely shut, but if you look up at the top right corner you can see a glowing power cable leading to the roof. Follow it and you will find a switch. Pull the switch and the doors will open. Once you get into the bunker, he is still hiding, tucked away in the very back, lurking in the shadows. As long as you are tracking the quest he will have a quest marker above his head (thankfully), otherwise, it would be pretty hard to see him. Once you deliver the message the side mission will conclude. As a reward, you will now have access to R2-Q5.

Resistance Riddles

LocationCommand Center
RequirementTravel to D'Qar – Resistance Base
RewardKaydel Connix

Kaydel Connix is desperately looking for the star map which she stored away. You need to follow her clues in order to find it. The first clue is “If you follow my signal, I can dish out your next clue…” So, head over to the big signal dish in the middle of the base. Once you get there, you will receive the clue “Wood you kindly search for this next clue? It’s a little off the beaten path, so try not to get lost…”

Now, go to the west side of the map, and look for a giant log that can be carved into by using a lightsaber user. Once you get there, carve a path for yourself and enter. You will have to fight a few hovering droids. In a cave, you will find the next riddle. “If you are getting Sick of this Treatment already, head to the location of this next clue…”

The infirmary is in the northeast corner of the map in a bunker. Once in the infirmary, enter the small room to your right. The next riddle is contained within and reads “This final clue will get your Engine running! I hope it doesn’t give you a Breakdown…”

So, leave the infirmary and head south. If you did the Not The Sharpest Tool In The Box side mission earlier, the door to the bunker will already be open. Otherwise, hop up to the rooftop and pull the switch with a glowing power cord feeding into it. Once inside the bunker, break stuff until you find the star map. Finally, trek back to Kaydel Connix and give her the map. You will now have completed the mission. As a reward, you will obtain Kaydel Connix herself.

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