Levi’s Teams Up With Nintendo For Stylish Mario Collab

Levi-Strauss has partnered up with Nintendo for a Super Mario collaboration called Levi’s X Super Mario. The pedigreed clothing line will release various apparel themed after the iconic character.

The information regarding the collaboration comes from Levi’s official Twitter account in which it made a post teasing the collaboration. All it wrote was “coming soon,” and posted a short video about the collaboration that included a coin from the Super Mario games. No other information has been revealed, although it’s safe to say that more details will be shared in the upcoming future.

Considering the type of apparel Levi’s specializes in, the collaboration will most likely focus on street-wear vibes. As such, clothes like jeans, polo shirts, jackets, and other similar types are to be expected. As far as the entire Super Mario theme goes, popular and recognizable aspects of the game can be expected as a form of design. For example, powerups like Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Super Stars, Coins, and a lot more will grace the apparel along with some of the characters.

Levi’s doing a collaboration with Nintendo isn’t really too surprising considering the company’s past collaborations. For instance, in the past, Levi’s had a collaboration with Disney and Star Wars in order to promote its products and resonate with those who may be huge fans of the franchise. Nonetheless, a similar approach is to be expected when dealing with Nintendo fans, Super Mario fans, or both.

Interestingly enough, the collaboration is certain to help out Nintendo aside from Levi’s. As explained by former Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima in 2016, fewer young people were finding out about Nintendo and its games via the video games themselves. Instead, they mostly found out about Nintendo and its video games as well as characters through officially licensed products like toothbrushes. As such, the information helped them discover the games and the company in general.

Once the Super Mario themed apparel hits Levi’s stores, fans are likely to start shopping there, thus dramatically increasing the sales of the items and effectively boosting Nintendo’s popularity even more.

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