Life Is Strange: True Colors Is Coming To Game Pass

PlayStation finally revealed what was prematurely labeled its competitor to Xbox Game Pass prior to it being officially announced. Now we know what the revamped PS Plus is going to look like, we know it isn't going to be a Game Pass equivalent for PlayStation, but possibly as close as it will ever get. The highest-priced tier of the service includes games from older consoles, but no big games launching on the service day one, which is arguably Game Pass's biggest selling point.

Speaking of which, Game Pass's first batch of April titles appears to have leaked a little ahead of time. Not via a renowned and reliable leaker this time, but by Xbox itself. An image flaunting the new games coming to the service was discovered on a Microsoft server by Polish site XGP. No confirmation from Xbox just yet, but a couple of the games listed are actually available on Game Pass right now.

MLB The Show '22, which launches today, is one of those day one arrivals mentioned above. Cricket '22, which has been available to buy since late last year, has also been added to Game Pass effective immediately. Leading the group of games that will be added over the course of the next couple of weeks is Life Is Strange: True Colors. Another huge 2021 coup for Game Pass after it added Guardians of the Galaxy last month, a move that apparently cost at least seven figures.

Other titles coming to Game Pass later this month include Chinatown Detective Agency, and Lost In Random. The leaked list also includes a number of games that have been available on Game Pass via EA Play for a while, but will soon become playable through Xbox Cloud. The full rundown, including arrival dates (if known) and platforms, can be found below.

  • MLB The Show '22 (Console, Cloud – Today)
  • Cricket '22 (Console, Cloud – Today)
  • Chinatown Detective Agency (Console, Cloud, PC – April 7)
  • Dragon Age 2 (Cloud)
  • Plants vs. Zombie 2: Garden Warfare (Cloud)
  • Star Wars: Squadrons (Cloud)
  • Life Is Strange: True Colors (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Lost In Random (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Panzercorps 2 (PC)
  • The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos (PC)

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