Listen to Piplup coo and stomp around your bedroom in this ASMR video

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to the audio emmissions of a pre-bedtime Pokémon, then your time has come.

A new official video makes that fantasy a reality, as Piplup hangs out in a bedroom space and plays around for about half an hour. The little guy rolls on the bed, chases and throws a ball, and is just generally super adorable and jazzed to hang out with you! Wear headphones for the best experience, so you can hear the pitter-patter of teeny-tiny Piplup feetsies as it marches around the room.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that while you can listen to this sweet soundscape of Piplup, you cannot actually play with it. And it gets kinda mad about that! Piplup, I’m so sorry! I would throw the ball to you if I could reach into the virtual screen.

Putting in my formal request for the Quilava ASMR experience next.

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