Logitech And Tencent’s Handheld Cloud Gaming Console Starts Shipping In October

Logitech has officially unveiled its Logitech G handheld cloud gaming console built in collaboration with Tencent. The company has revealed that the console will start shipping in October 2022.

Logitech originally announced the handheld console last month, but the design and specifications were still a mystery. However, a couple of leaked photos already gave us an idea about how the console will look, and now the official reveal has confirmed that.

The console will support Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. Additionally, users will be able to stream local games from their Xbox consoles and Steam games via the SteamLink app. Catherine Gluckstein, VP of Xbox Cloud Gaming, said, “At Xbox we’ve been on this journey to bring the joy and community of gaming to more people, and we’re excited to see Logitech G launch a cloud-gaming device that will delight players with Xbox games in more places.” Both GeForce now and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate jointly feature over 1600 games.

While cloud gaming has been in conversation a lot, it isn’t a really easy market to get a foothold in. The biggest example of this would be Google Stadia, which despite being one of the pioneers of cloud gaming, couldn’t manage to become a household name. Currently, Stadia is in a place where Google had to reassure players that it wasn’t shutting it down. Considering this, Logitech and Tencent will have to tread very carefully in these troubled cloud gaming waters.

Despite the Logitech G being a cloud-focused handheld console, it is bound to face some serious competition from Valve’s Steam Deck and the already popular Nintendo Switch. Both these handhelds have already made a name for themselves, whereas the Steam Deck is quickly gaining popularity with its support for prominent triple-A games. Consequently, Valve has already announced that it is working on a new Steam Deck as well.

It will be interesting to see how Logitech G performs against such tough competitors. Right now, it is available at a limited-time only price of $299 on Amazon but will retail for $349 later.

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