Loop Hero: Must Know Card Combinations And Transformations

So, you finally caved and bought Loop Hero? And now you’re playing it, you’re having a great time, but you just can’t quite seem to get the hang of which card you should be using and where you should be placing them. Not only do some cards work well together, some even transform when you add or remove other cards.

Well, fear not brave loop warrior – or rogue, or necromancer – for others have come before and actually remember what the lands once looked like. Here you’ll find some useful and dangerous card combos and transformations, so you know what to pair up and what to avoid.

Groves and Blood Groves

This is a fairly basic one, but it still needs to be known. Placing a blood grove next to a grove will trigger all enemies on tiles adjacent to the blood grove to die once their health hits 15%. This is great when it overlaps with ruins cards, as those scorch worms have a nasty habit of burrowing away.

However, this effect is not worth the tradeoff with rat wolves come chapter two and up. In these chapters, rat wolves get the ability to inflict a bleeding ailment on you that deals 20 damage every time you attack. This ignores the necromancer’s magic HP and goes straight for regular HP, so no class is safe from this.

From Villages To Count’s Lands

Placing a vampire mansion next to a village will turn it into a ransacked village. What did you expect, the vampires to just play nice with the delicious humans? This spawns four ghouls every loop, and a vampire to back them up. This can be pretty overwhelming. However, you can use these battles to farm orbs of expansion – which are awarded to you when you complete a fight with five or more enemies on the field – or use road lanterns to reduce the number of ghouls you have to take down.

Once three loops have passed, everyone finds a way to settle their differences and the ransacked village will transform into a court’s lands tile. This is like a normal village, but better. You get more HP upon entering and the quests they give will yield greater rewards. Just make sure to only make two or three, and make them early. The ghouls can absolutely wreck you at later loop levels, so don’t get greedy.

Empty Treasury

Treasuries are great cards for farming materials necessary to upgrade your campsite. A good strategy with them is to place two close to each other so that their outer rows overlap, giving you double rewards for every card placed there.

Once you place cards around entire the treasury’s entire area of effect, it’ll bust open and shower you with loot and cards. The downside to this is that it will now also spawn an angry gargoyle every three days, so avoid treasuries on expeditions where you’re going after the boss.

Hungry Groves

The problem with getting rid of hungry groves entirely is that being able to take down enemies at 15% – even the boss – is a huge benefit to you. Well, you can get the benefit of the blood groves without the pesky rat wolves. Just oblivion the groves attached to the blood grove and it’ll turn into a hungry grove. This will boost its effect so that it kills enemies when they hit 20% HP, which is a great increase.

The downside of these is that they will occasionally hit you for some damage, but not nearly as much as the rat wolves’ bleed effect. Keep those groves hungry, make them yearn for their sustenance.

Blooming Meadows

Blooming meadows are another basic yet potentially overlooked card transformation. You may be tempted to stack meadows together like mountains or rocks, but that will cap their potential.

When a meadow is placed touching another tile, like a vampire mansion, road lantern, spider cocoon, or literally anything other than a meadow, it’ll turn into a blooming meadow. This boosts its daily healing from 2 HP to 3 HP. While that may not seem like a lot, it’s a 50% increase and will quickly add up if you have loads of blooming meadows around your loop. You can even combine these with chrono crystals to double that healing effect to 6 HP.


Ruins are a tricky card – the scorch worms can drop some good loot, and the random piece of loot you get for going through is a great incentive to place these. The issue comes from the damage the scorch worms can do from long range.

As ranged enemies, they excel at bombarding you when you fight on tiles adjacent to their lair. As such, make absolutely sure you don’t place ruins around your campfire, or you’ll have to fight a boss and unreachable worms. Place ruins far away from anything else to get the best chance of fighting them up close, when their damage is reduced.

Blood Paths

Battlefield cards are great. A free treasure chest every loop? Yes, please. Place these as close to the start of the loop as you can so you can benefit from the goodies inside right from the get-go.

Don’t get too greedy, however, as if you place these so close together that their areas overlap, you’ll get blood paths. These spawn blood clots, tough enemies that don’t really drop anything of value.


Desert and sand dune cards are great for reducing enemy health. Sure, they reduce yours too, but you can throw up mountains and rocks, or put on extra armor to negate that effect while your enemies remain weaker.

If you place a river card down next to either the desert or the dunes, you get an oasis. These reduce your attack speed by 0.5% and your opponents’ by 1%, so you benefit from this even more. Attack speed is one of the most important stats in Loop Hero, especially for the necromancer and rogue classes which rely on swiftness to bring down opponents.

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